Yearly Archives: 2000

Faith’s Devotion John 12:1-11

Download sermon John 12:1-11 Text Comment v.2       That is, if Passover was celebrated Thursday evening of the next week, then six days before, on Friday, just before the onset of the Sabbath day, Jesus would have arrived in Bethany and the banquet described in the following verses would probably have occurred the following evening – […]

The Bottom Sin John 11:45-57

Download sermon John 11:45-57 Text Comment v.45     One of a number of instances in John where the use of the term “Jews” carries no negative overtones. v.47     Under the Roman rule, the Sanhedrin was permitted to exercise authority over Jewish internal affairs.  At this time the Sadducees, the party of the priests, made up a […]

Sight and Blindness John 9:1-41

Download sermon John 9:1-41 Text Comment v.1       Without in any way discounting the historical veracity of the account we are about to read, remember that the Lord’s miracles were, in many cases, themselves pictures of salvation.  He referred to them as such himself.  The man blind from birth is like all men.  We are all […]

True Life and True Death John 8:48-59

Download sermon John 8:48-59 Text Comment v.48     This has been preceded, of course, by a long conversation between Jesus and the Jewish religious leadership.  When their arguments failed to dislodge him, as so often in human affairs, they turn to personal abuse, the trusty argumentum ad hominem.  And you couldn’t get any lower than to […]