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Ephesians Sermon List Ephesians 1:1-2 Sept 2, 2001 Ephesians2.1.1-2.Sept 9, 2001 Ephesians3.1.1-14.Sept 23, 2001 Ephesians4.1.1-14.Sept 30, 20011 Ephesians5.1.15-23.Oct 7, 2001 Ephesians6.2.1-5.Oct 14, 2001 Ephesians7.2.1-7.Oct 21, 2001 Ephesians8.2.1-10.Oct 28, 2001 Ephesians9.2.11-22.Nov 4, 2001 Ephesians10.2.11-22.Nov 11, 2001 Ephesians11.3.1-13.Nov 18, 2001 Ephesians12.3.14-21.Nov 25, 2001 Ephesians13.4.1 Dec 2, 2001 Ephesians14.4.1-8.Dec 9, 2001 Ephesians15.4.1-16.Dec 16, 2001 Ephesians16.4.17-24.Dec 30, 2001 Ephesians17.4.25-32.Jan […]

The Equality and Diversity of the Genders

Download sermon We have been speaking these past Lord’s Day evenings about the Bible’s characteristically dialectical presentation of its teaching.  By dialectical we mean that it juxtaposes and counter-poses truths but does not harmonize them or mediate between them or their competing interests.  We have divine sovereignty counterposed to human freedom and responsibility, but we […]

The Gospel John 21:24-25

Download sermon John 21:24-25 Text Comment v.24     This statement identifies the beloved disciple as the author of the Gospel.  But who are the “we” in the second half of the verse.  Many commentators think this is an addition by other hands, an added witness to the truthfulness of what has been written down in John’s […]

The Universal and Special Priesthood

Download sermon Text:  Jeremiah 2:4-9 We have been studying, these past Sunday evenings, the characteristically dialectical presentation of truth as a principle of the Bible’s pedagogy, a most important principle that Christians must reckon with in their reading of the Bible and preachers in their preaching if the Bible is to be understood correctly and […]

The Resurrection Picnic John 21:1-14

Download sermon John 21:1-14 Text Comment v.1       The NIV’s “appeared again” is literally “he revealed himself again.”  Jesus did not spend the entire 40 days between his resurrection and his ascension in the presence of his disciples.  He was with them from time to time only and when he came, it seems John intends for […]

God’s Promises Under a Silent Heaven

Download sermon We are, once again, paying attention to the Bible’s characteristic manner of stating its doctrine — by presenting the polarities of truth in counter-position to one another, but rarely showing any interest in reconciliation or synthesis.  The truth, as Charles Simeon put it, lies not in one extreme and not in the middle, […]