Monthly Archives: May 2005

The Triumphal Entry

Matthew 21:1-11 Text Comment Matthew has not related Jesus’ previous visits to Jerusalem.  John, for example, records visits to Jerusalem made at the beginning and in the middle of the Lord’s ministry.  Matthew has concentrated on the Lord’s ministry in Galilee where, all the Gospels agree, the Lord spent most of his time, where he […]

Relentless Faith and Great Compassion

Matthew 20:29-34 Text Comment v.29     This next episode plays a strategic role in the Gospel history.  For the traveler to Jerusalem, coming from the Trans-Jordan, Jericho is the last city before Jerusalem.  The capital was only some 15 miles from Jericho on a main road.  You will notice that the next paragraph in Matthew’s Gospel […]

Christian Greatness

Matthew 20:17-28 Text Comment v.17     Remember, we learned in 19:1 that Jesus had, by this time, left Galilee, the primary site of his public ministry, and was now making his way deliberately toward Jerusalem where the final crisis of his life and work would occur. v.19     This is the fourth of these short summaries of […]

The First Will Be Last

Matthew 20:1-16 Text Comment The first thing to say about our text is that the chapter division here is particularly unfortunate.  The “For” with which verse 1 begins connects the new thought with what has gone before.  So do the references in this parable to last and first, which repeat the statement in the last […]