Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Judgment of Unbelievers

Download audio I want to draw your attention to a change the editors made in the second edition of Trinity Hymnal because it beautifully illustrates a problem I am going to be discussing this evening from the Word of God. We have a conflicted relationship with hyperbole as modern speakers of the English language. We […]

Christians at the Judgment

Download audio 2 Corinthians 5:9-10 In this short series of sermons on the judgments of the Lord we have so far said that it is a subject needing attention in our time because it is not receiving the attention it deserves, certainly nothing like the attention it receives in Holy Scripture. Then last time we […]

What was God Thinking? Gen 22:1-12

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 22:1-12 What follows in chapter 22 deserves two sermons. After all, the narrative presents us with two radically different life situations: the one that Abraham faced as he prepared to submit to God’s will and obey the bizarre commandment he had been given and the one which resulted from the […]

The Lesson of History

Download audio Isaiah 42:1-4 Three Lord’s Days ago I began this short series on divine judgment. I introduced the series by explaining why I thought it was important for us to study. Our culture is exercising a growing influence on the Christian pulpit, subtle but powerful, and one result of that influence is a disinclination […]