Daily Archives: February 26, 2017

The Seventy Weeks Daniel 9:20-27

Download audio Download sermon Daniel 9:20-27 We begin our reading this evening with the paragraph with which we concluded our reading last Lord’s Day evening. It reminds us that what follows in vv. 24-27 is a revelation brought to Daniel by the angel Gabriel in response to Daniel’s prayer. It also raises an obvious question: […]

The Stairway to and from Heaven Genesis 28:1-22

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 28:1-22 The opening verses of chapter 28 finish the story told in the final paragraph of our chapter 27. Our real interest this morning is vv. 10-22. Text Comment v.2       Isaac simply told Jacob to “go.” He still didn’t know that Jacob was “fleeing” eastward to escape Esau’s vengeance. [Sarna, […]