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Christians and Their Doubts, Introduction Psalm 73

Download audio Download sermon Psalm 73 For a variety of reasons I have been thinking for some time about a series of sermons devoted to the various Christian teachings and the nearly universal experiences of the Christian life that can undermine or shake a Christian’s faith. Many things may challenge a Christian’s faith at one […]

Unanswered Prayer Part 1, Psalms 42 & 43

Download audio Download sermon Psalms 42 & 43 We are considering these Lord’s Day evenings the various reasons Christians struggle with doubts about their faith. Perhaps all along the way, perhaps at a particular point in time, perhaps because others whose opinion matters to them – university professors, college friends, a favorite author, perhaps the […]

Unanswered Prayer Part 2, 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

Download audio Download text 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 Last Lord’s Day evening we began considering unanswered prayer as a cause of Christian doubt by exploring the nature of biblical language. Much of our problem comes from our expectation, founded perhaps understandably enough, but mistakenly on what appears to us to be the unqualified promise of the […]

The Christian Faith Is Unscientific, Part 1

Download Audio Download Text There is a large number of Christians, and, in particular, a large number of Christian college and university students, who have abandoned their Christian faith because they came to believe that it was unscientific. They were persuaded that our fundamental convictions as Christians – that God created the world, that Adam […]

The Christian Faith Is Unscientific, Part 2

Download audio Download text Last Lord’s Day evening we began our consideration of the doubts that rise in Christian minds because of assertions, often by learned people, that our faith is unscientific or has been disproved by science. In our first sermon, after considering what is meant by “science” so-called, we focused on attacks that […]