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The Creation Gen 1:1-2:3

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 1:1-2:3 We have before us this morning, as we said last time, one of the most important passages in the Bible, fundamental to the Christian’s entire worldview or philosophy of life. If God himself, the living God of Scripture, made the world by the word of his power, immensely important […]

What is Man? Gen 1:26-31

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 1:26-31 That the creation of man, of human beings, of both man and woman, is the climax of God’s creative activity and the point of it all is indicated by several things. First, it is the final act of the creation week. Second, more attention is paid to it than […]

What Went Wrong? Gen 3:14-24

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 3:14-24 We have read of the disobedience of Adam and Eve and we have seen already some unhappy changes in them. Happy communion with God has become a guilty fear. Love between them has become selfish recrimination. But God has not yet spoken. We read earlier his warning that disobeying […]

Original Sin Gen 4:1-26

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 4:1-26 There are sermons aplenty in Genesis 4, but there is also a great over-arching theme and it is that theme that I want to consider with you this morning. Genesis 4 belongs to the opening chapter of the book. Here too, then, the foundation for all subsequent human history […]

Like Father, Like Son Gen 5:1-32

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 5:1-32 The second chapter of Genesis begins with the first verse of our chapter 5, “These are the generations of…” being, as we said, the section divider in Genesis. Remember, the toledot or “generations” of Adam will be, as throughout Genesis, an account of the named individual’s descendants, not of […]