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Still Stumbling Genesis 34:1-31

Download audio Genesis 34:1-31 Download sermon Some time has passed. Jacob’s sons are adult men and the family is living in the Promised Land. Text Comment v.1       That strange way of identifying Dinah “as the daughter Leah bore to Jacob” probably indicates “the emotional dynamics of the situation.” [Wenham] Being Leah’s daughter, she was not […]

Christ in the Face of Another Genesis 33:1-20

Download audio Genesis 33:1-20 Download sermon Text Comment v.1       The narrator has not relieved the suspense. We do not yet know what Esau is planning to do. v.2       His best-beloved he puts last, furthest from harm’s way. The family, alas, is still divided in this way. v.4       “They wept.” Esau was obviously well-disposed toward his […]

The Face of God Genesis 32:22-32

Download audio Genesis 32:22-32 Download sermon Text Comment v.22     Only his sons are mentioned; not Dinah, since part of the significance of this episode is its implications for the nation of Israel. v.23     After what were probably repeated crossings of the river he was, at last, alone on the northern side of the Jabbok. v.24     […]

Step by Step Genesis 29:1-14

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 29:1-14 With this paragraph we begin the next major section of the account of the life of Jacob. It extends from the beginning of chapter 29 to the end of chapter 31. Like some other sections of the patriarchal history, this next cycle of narratives is arranged in a way […]

The Stairway to and from Heaven Genesis 28:1-22

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 28:1-22 The opening verses of chapter 28 finish the story told in the final paragraph of our chapter 27. Our real interest this morning is vv. 10-22. Text Comment v.2       Isaac simply told Jacob to “go.” He still didn’t know that Jacob was “fleeing” eastward to escape Esau’s vengeance. [Sarna, […]