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The Gospel of John 1:1-5

Download sermon John 1:1-5 This morning we begin a new series of sermons and I’m giving you really something in the way of an introduction. I regret it in a way that we’re not simply plunging into the magnificent beginning of the Gospel of John, taking it up as John begins his great account of […]

The First Sign John 2:1-11

Download sermon John 2:1-11 Text Comment In his gospel, John records miracles that the Lord performed. He calls them “signs” because they demonstrate that Jesus is the Son of God and the Messiah. These miracles are, as it were, another witness that gives testimony about Jesus. As he says in 20:30-31: “Jesus did many other […]

The Zeal of the Lord John 2:12-25

Download sermon John 2:12-25 Text Comment v.12     Capernaum was by the sea; Cana was in the uplands, some 16 miles southwest of Capernaum; so the verb “went down” is literally correct. Capernaum was to be the center of the Lord’s Galilean ministry, though we don’t know exactly why. Had the family left Nazareth by this […]

The New Birth John 3:1-15

Download sermon John 3:1-15 Now we finished chapter 2 with John’s observation that the Lord Jesus knew what was in the hearts of men. There follows now in the Gospel a series of conversations in which the Lord Jesus goes to the heart of individuals of very different backgrounds. First Nicodemus, the Jewish rabbi; then […]

John 3:16

Download sermon John 3:16-21 Text Comment There can be no absolute certainty, first century Greek had no quotation marks, but it appears that the Lord’s own words end with v. 15 and v. 16 begins John’s own comment on what has just been said. The writer of the Gospel, having recorded some of the Lord’s […]