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The Water of Life John 4:1-26

Download sermon John 4:1-26 Text Comment This is a long text of which we will take only part this morning. Verses 1-26 are the narration, the account of the Lord’s encounter with the woman at the well. The next two sections report the aftermath of that conversation. We will read the account of the conversation […]

The Harvest John 4:27-42

Download sermon John 4:27-42 Text Comment v.27     Generally speaking, the Judaism of the Lord’s day had a low view of the intellectual capacities of women. For a rabbi to spend time talking with a woman was widely regarded as a waste of his time. A passage in the Mishnah reports Rabbi Eliezar as teaching that […]

True and False Faith John 4:43-54

Download sermon John 4:43-54 Text Comment v.45     The impression that is given often in the Gospels is that the Lord’s reputation spread like wildfire throughout Judea and Galilee. v.46     “Royal Official” probably refers to someone who was in the service of Herod Antipas, the Roman’s client king of the region that included Galilee. v.48     The […]

What is Faith? John 6:25-40

Download sermon John 6:25-40 Text Comment In v. 59 of this chapter, we learn that this great discourse, widely known as “The Bread of Life Discourse” was delivered in the synagogue at Capernaum. John does not tell us when the transition to the synagogue took place. Perhaps between vv. 27 and 28. The Bread of […]