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Peter as Every Christian

Matthew 26:31-35, 69-75 Text Comment Peter showed some bravery in the Garden, as we will read in the account of the Lord’s arrest, and loyalty and fortitude in following the Lord to the high priest’s palace.  “But he found out that it may be more difficult to act rightly in small things than to brace […]

The Lord’s Supper

Matthew 26:17-30 Text Comment I made some comments on the first part of our text last Lord’s Day morning in dealing with Judas and his betrayal.  I won’t repeat those comments, but will make a few others on the part of the text that deals with our subject for this morning. v.19     Remember, […]


Matthew 26:14-25 Text Comment Verse 14 picks up the thread of the interrupted narrative, broken off at verse 5 in order for Matthew to insert the account of the Lord’s anointing at Bethany.  In v. 5 we read of the dilemma faced by the leadership of the people: they wanted to arrest Jesus but feared […]

Devotion to Christ

Matthew 26:1-13 Text Comment v.1       If you remember, “When Jesus had finished saying all these things…” is Matthew’s structural marker.  Each of the five discourse sections in the Gospel is concluded with a statement either identical to or very like this one.  In each case what follows is a new section of historical narrative. The […]

The Last Judgment

Matthew 25:31-46 As you remember, the theme of the last judgment has run through the previous material.  We have already read of the separation between the saved and the lost at the end of chapter 24, in the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, and in the parable of the talents.  The accent has […]

The Olivette Discourse

Matthew 24:1-35 Text Comment Remember, the Lord has just spoken of impending judgment upon Jerusalem and Israel.  In these past days he has spoken darkly more than once of divine judgment awaiting the people of God for their infidelity to him.  There is an atmosphere of foreboding that pervades the Lord’s teaching in the last […]

The Judgments of the Lord

Matthew 23:1-39 Text Comment v.1       It is important in reading this chapter to notice the audience at the outset. The Lord is talking to the crowds and his disciples about the Pharisees.  The crowds are at least potentially his disciples and the Lord is appealing to them over the heads of the […]