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Numbers 1:1-54

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“The theme of the book of Numbers is the journey to the promised land of Canaan. Its opening chapters, covering a mere fifty days, describe how Moses organized Israel for the march from Sinai to the promised land.” [Wenham, 55]

Numbers 2:1-34

We are making our way through the opening section of Numbers (1:1-10:10), the account of the preparations made for Israel’s departure from Mt. Sinai for the Promised Land. The first step was a census to determine the nation’s fighting strength. The n…

Numbers 5:1-10

Remember, in this section of Numbers, which continues until 10:10, preparations are being made for Israel’s departure from the foot of Mt. Sinai, where the nation had remained for more than a year, and for her march to the Promised Land. So far a cen…