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Why Believe Luke 24:1-12

Download audio Download text Luke 24:1-12 None of the four Gospels describes the resurrection itself, which in the event no one saw. That is striking evidence of the historical seriousness of these narratives. They speak only of what people actually witnessed. Nothing is concocted as it would have been in a fabricated story. All four […]

Everyone Has a Story Ephesians 2:1-10

Download audio Ephesians 2:1-10 Download sermon In these beautiful verses Paul is telling the story of the Ephesian Christians, many of whom became Christians in the middle of life. He isn’t giving details, of course; everyone’s life story was at least somewhat different; everyone didn’t become a Christian in exactly the same way. In some […]

The Amazing Message Luke 24:1-12

Download audio Luke 24:1-12 Download sermon v.1       Remember, there were no chapter divisions in Luke’s original, so we would have just read about the women preparing to do this at the end of our chapter 23. The resurrection is always in the Gospels said to have occurred on “the first day of the week.” That […]

Why Me? Matthew 28:16-20

Download Audio Download Text   “Why Me?” Matthew 28:16-20 April 1, 2018, Easter Morning The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Rayburn These few verses that form the finale of the Gospel of Matthew are what are known to Christians as “The Great Commission.” It is this passage supremely that has provided the Christian church with its […]