College and Career Group

 College & Career – also known as C&C – is a young adult ministry of Faith Presbyterian Church. 

The goal is to provide opportunities for young adults 18 and older, whether single or married, to “do life” together throughout the week and form deep Christian friendships. Through a combination of regular small group meetings and larger group gatherings, we seek to form a community of young adults living shoulder to shoulder, learning together, and encouraging each other in our Christian faith.

C&C Community Groups are weekly small groups that meet in a home for dinner and fellowship. These dinners are typically potluck-style to make a mid-week meeting less work for everyone, but we encourage you to come even if you aren’t able to bring anything with you! Each group spends some time catching up on how the week has been, discussing the sermon and what we’re learning or working through, and praying for one another. We also often play games, organize fun events, and generally just have a good time together.

We currently have two established Community Groups: a Tuesday night group hosted by Caleb and Tamala Bestvater, and a Thursday night group hosted by Nate and Rachael Shelden. We have purposefully chosen different evenings to meet in order to try and accommodate a wider range of schedules, and we hope that you can join us on one of these evenings! For details about how to join a C&C Community Group, please contact either Caleb or Nate (contact information is listed in the church directory) and we will help you get connected. Christians aren’t meant to do life alone. If you’re looking for a community of friends to grow with, we’d love to be that for you!