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Bible Reading Calendar 2014

The Bible reading plan found in this calendar is thematic in approach. The idea is to make as many connections as possible between different parts of the Bible, while still reading individual books from start to finish. Three versions are now available: a full calendar and a single sheet for keeping in your Bible. The single sheet is available with dates or just numbered 1-365 so you can start at any time.

Faith Presbyterian Church

Recent Sermons

Leviticus No. 4 Leviticus 3:1-17 Leviticus Sep 21, 2014 PM Audio
What the Bible is All About Genesis 2:4-17 Genesis Sep 21, 2014 AM Audio
Leviticus No. 3 Leviticus 2:1-16 Leviticus Sep 14, 2014 PM Audio
The Rhythm of Life Genesis 2:1-3 Genesis Sep 14, 2014 AM Audio
The Regulations of the Burnt Offering Leviticus 1:1-17 Leviticus Sep 7, 2014 PM Audio
So God Created Man Genesis 1:26-31 Genesis Sep 7, 2014 AM Audio
Introduction   Leviticus Aug 31, 2014 PM Audio
The Creation Genesis 1:1-2:3 Genesis Aug 31, 2014 AM Audio
Observations on Luke 16 (Rev. Evgeniy Kruzhkov) Luke 16:1-31 Special Guests Aug 24, 2014 PM Audio
In the Beginning Genesis 1:1 Genesis Aug 24, 2014 AM Audio
The Micro Lesson from the Life of Joseph Genesis 39:6-20 He Gave Us Characters Aug 17, 2014 PM Audio
An Overflowing Kingdom Matthew 15:21-28 Other Sermons Aug 17, 2014 AM Audio
God's 'I Love You' and Its Implications Romans 10:5-15 Other Sermons Aug 10, 2014 PM Audio
The Macro Lesson from Joseph's Life Genesis 50:15-21 He Gave Us Characters Aug 10, 2014 AM Audio
Wrestling and Faith Genesis 32:22-32 Other Sermons Aug 3, 2014 PM Audio

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Faith Presbyterian Church is also the home of Covenant High School.