Bulletin and Announcements

Order of Worship and Announcements for Morning Services 8:15 am & 11:00 am April 23rd 

Evening Prelude Begins at 5:40 pm

Beautiful music enlivens our spirits and adds to our Sabbath joy. Each Sunday evening prior to the worship service, musicians begin to play or sing at 5:40 pm.

Evening Service 6:00 pm

We begin a new series of sermons entitled “Characteristics of Faith Presbyterian Church.” As we embark on the search for the next senior minister, the elders thought it wise to consider some features of the life of this congregation that they believe important to preserve in the future. We share many things, of course, with every faithful Christian congregation, many other things with every reformed and Presbyterian congregation, but there are some commitments and practices we share with a decreasing number of Christian congregations in our time that nevertheless we are committed to maintain. The Lord’s Supper will be served. The Lord’s Supper is observed every Lord’s Day at Faith Presbyterian Church alternating between the morning and the evening services. The officers have wanted to retain evening communion not only because all the Lord’s Suppers explicitly mentioned in the New Testament were in the evening, but as well to reinforce the importance of Sunday evening worship as a regular part of the observance of the Lord’s Day.

Deacon Nominations

Nominations to the office of deacon will be received from April 23rd through May 21st.  Deacon Nomination Forms may be turned in to the church office or placed in the box in the narthex. See the Work of the Deacons under Community for more info.

Save the Date: Reformation 500 Celebration, Nov 3-5 2017

Upcoming Events

2017 Bible Reading Plan

Craig DesJardins’ 2017 Bible reading plan is available in the narthex and also online as a calendar or single sheet.

Congregational Singing

As you may remember, several months ago we made a first effort to cultivate our singing as a congregation in worship. We have outlined a curriculum that in fifteen minute segments will carry us through several months of non-Supper evening services, covering singing in harmony, in unison; the volume of the congregation’s voice, the tempo at which a hymn is sung, and several other considerations bearing on how well a congregation sings a particular hymn. We have begun to include in the bulletin specific instructions for the congregation’s singing of certain hymns. This should be both fun and useful!

Nursing Mothers

In addition to the nursery rooms, Room #117 – the Women in the Church room, is open and available for your convenience during all Worship Services. The service can be seen and heard in the WIC room.

Hearing Assistance

If you would like a device to help with hearing the worship service, please see a Deacon.

A Reminder About Parking

As a courtesy to our neighbors, please do not park on the south side of South 8th Street, on South Winnifred Street behind the church, or where the curb is painted yellow.  Thank you.