Bulletin and Announcements


The Order of Worship for October 13, 2019

Morning Services at 8:15am and 11:00am

In the morning services, Pastor Nicoletti will preach “Feeding on the Flesh and Blood of Christ” from John 6:47-59

You can download the bulletin draft here.

Evening Worship at 6:00pm

As some of you may have noticed, our website now offers the option of giving to the church online (http://www.faithtacoma.org/give). What are the practical and theological implications of this new possibility? What are the liturgical ramifications? And what on earth does the grain offering of Leviticus 2 have to do with it all? Pastor Nicoletti will address these questions and more this evening, in his sermon “Tithe & Tribute: A Brief Theology of Online Giving.”

The Lord’s Supper will be served. The Lord’s Supper is observed every Lord’s Day at Faith Presbyterian Church alternating between the morning and the evening services. The officers have wanted to retain evening communion not only because all the Lord’s Suppers explicitly mentioned in the New Testament were in the evening, but as well to reinforce the importance of Sunday evening worship as a regular part of the observance of the Lord’s Day.

Live Stream

The services are now available to watch live. Click here to watch live, or go to our video archive for recordings of previous services.


Sunday School

Sunday school for all ages is weekly at 9:45am. The full list of classes is available on our Sunday School page.



Upcoming Events

October 11-12 – Ryan Smith Piano Recital & Masterclass
October 9 – Choristers Resume
October 10 – Women’s Ministry Meeting
October 16 – Eat, Talk, Pray: Wednesday Fellowship Meal
October 17 – Mothers’ Encouragement Group
October 25 – Harvest Party
October 25 – Men’s Night of Prayer
October 27 – Reformation Sunday
October 31 – Christina Coe Baby Shower
November 3 – International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church
November 3 – Daylight Savings Time Ends
November 6 – Eat, Talk, Pray: Wednesday Fellowship Meal
November 7-9 – Women’s Ministry Retreat
November 16 – C3 Training

For event times, locations, and more details, please visit our Events page.



Women’s Ministry of Faith Meeting – Thursday, October 10th

Attention to All Ladies:  Our next Women’s Ministry of Faith Meeting will be held this Thursday, Oct. 10th, at 7:00 pm in DeSoto Hall.  Our meeting will focus on a panel of women discussing the topic: “Mothering My Disabled Child.”  Come a bit early to enjoy refreshments and fellowship.

Dr. Ryan Smith Piano Recital – Friday, Oct 11 & Master Class – Saturday, Oct 12

Our Kvale connection has produced a new acquaintance with Dr. Ryan F. Smith, Fellow of Music at New St. Andrews College in Idaho. Dr. Smith is a performer and teacher of piano music, has been a church musician for much of his life and has taught in college since 2013. He earned his doctorate from the University of South Carolina and earned tenure at Coker University.

You all know how important music is in the lives of Christians; it is not only beautiful, and so pleasurable, but it informs the mind and warms the heart, teaching the voice how to praise our God, its creator and ours. Please come to hear music well played by Dr. Smith and bring your children for whom he has a big heart. The concert is scheduled for Friday, October 11 at 7:00 in the evening here in the sanctuary. A Master Class is planned for budding performers on Saturday, October 12 at 10:00 a.m. in the music room.

Not to be outdone by the Kvales, Dr. Smith is married to one Abigail Lundelius who was once a roommate of Bryonie Rayburn Moon at Covenant College! The Smiths have four children

Conference at Christ Church Bellingham – Saturday, Oct 19

Christ Church is pleased to announce an upcoming conference entitled “Preventing Abuse: Binding up Wounds” with author and fellow PCA member Diane Langberg, Saturday, October 19th. Diane is a globally recognized expert on the subjects of trauma, abuse, and recovery.

Leadership in the church of Jesus Christ is a holy trust from God himself, who loves his people and is fiercely devoted to them. Any power that we have—at home, in the workplace, in society, or in the church—is ours only as it is received from God. That power carries with it both unique temptations and unique opportunities to bless others.

This conference equips leaders in the church more fully to protect and serve those under their care. Sadly, many people come to church bearing emotional and spiritual scars from abuse (past or present) received from those in power over them—parents, spouses, bosses, or church leaders. On top of that, oftentimes church leaders are well-meaning but clumsy in their efforts to help, adding extra hurt to already painful circumstances.

This conference is for those who earnestly desire to grow in wisdom and insight in these matters, so as to better strengthen those who have been sinned against and bind up their wounds. Physical, verbal, sexual, and emotional abuse is much more common in the church than we would like to think. How do we minister to these people well? And how do we ensure that our churches are a refuge for those who need “shelter from the storm” (Isaiah 32:2)?

While this conference is for church leaders broadly, its principles apply to anyone working with victims of abuse. If you are in a position of authority or influence in this realm, this conference is relevant to you. In fact, friends and allies of those who have undergone trauma and abuse – and even victims of abuse – can benefit from this conference.

Details and tickets can be found online at christchurchbellingham.org. 

Harvest Party: It’s a Great Story – Friday, October 25

This year’s Harvest Party will be held on Friday, October 25 from 5p-8p here at church. It’ll be an evening of fabulous fun as we enjoy games and activities based on some of our favorite books. Stories like, “Tom Sawyer,” “Mary Poppins,” and “Mr. Poppins Penguins” will be brought to life in booths where you can fish, dance, and bowl the night away. There are going to be so many fun things to do. You can join us in the Storytime Tent to hear a story or play in Neverland where you’ll never grow up. There will be door prizes, guessing games, and crafts for the kids. We’ll also enjoy some great food and a rousing game of Battle of the Books in the Sanctuary starting at 7:30p. Prizes will be awarded for Best Adult, Best Teen, and Best Child costume as well as the Most Original, the Funniest, and the Cutest costume. Kids, don’t forget to pick up your entry for the coloring contest. Entries must be turned in by October 20 and first prize is a gift card to Odyssey 1. With so many fun things going on you’re not going to want to miss this one. So, put on your best costume and come on out. We’re going to have a great time!

Nursing Mothers

In addition to the nursery rooms, Room #117 – the Women’s Fellowship Room, is open and available for your convenience during all worship services. The service can be seen and heard in the Women’s Fellowship Room.

Hearing Assistance

If you would like a device to help with hearing the worship service, please see a Deacon.

A Reminder About Parking

As a courtesy to our neighbors, please do not park on the south side of South 8th Street, on South Winnifred Street behind the church, or where the curb is painted yellow.

Also, please save the spots next to the building marked “reserved” for our elderly and those with mobility limitations.

Please do not leave valuables visible in your vehicle; we have experienced numerous break-ins.