Bulletin and Announcements


The Order of Worship and Announcements for our Sunday Morning Services at 8:15 am & 11:00 am on June 24th

This coming Sunday morning, Pastor Nicoletti picks up his series on Samuel with “Why Samuel?: Three Patters of Life Considered” from 1 Samuel 2:11-14:1a.
You can download this Sunday’s bulletin here..

Evening Service 6 pm

Pastor Nicoletti continues his series on 2 Corinthians. The Lord’s Supper will be served. The Lord’s Supper is observed every Lord’s Day at Faith Presbyterian Church alternating between the morning and the evening services. The officers have wanted to retain evening communion not only because all the Lord’s Suppers explicitly mentioned in the New Testament were in the evening, but as well to reinforce the importance of Sunday evening worship as a regular part of the observance of the Lord’s Day.

Deacons Special Offering

The deacons will take a special offering in the evening service on June 24th for the Covenant Children’s Home in Manipur, India. The long-awaited kitchen-dining hall was completed in 2017. Funds received will be used to supply commercial appliances for the new kitchen

Men’s Genesis 39 Class – Having Awkward (but Very Important) Conversations

Sunday, June 24 we will have our last Genesis 39 class before we break for the summer (we will resume in September). We will continue with our new structure, dividing our time between focusing on the sin we are trying to uproot, and the virtue we would like to plant/cultivate in its place. We will begin our time this month with a clip from Stanford professor Philip Zimbardo’s talk titled “Why Boys Are Failing.” After discussing the video, we will spend time discussing how to approach awkward but very important conversations about sexual sin, focusing on fathers talking to their sons, sons talking to their fathers, and each of us talking to peers for accountability and support. We hope you will join us!

Live Stream

The services are now available to watch live. Click here to watch.

Upcoming Events

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Summer Schedule: The Word of Faith Sunday School Class in the Sanctuary

We meet for our Genesis 39 classes today. Beginning next week, we take up Departing in Peace by Covenant College Professor Bill Davis, a study of the ethics of the end of life and the complicated decisions now required of the dying. Led by two of our physicians, Paul Darby and Ryan Gross, we will seek to become more familiar with the realities of end-of-life medical care in 21st Century America and some of the Biblical principles that should inform these inevitable decisions. Pastor Rayburn will complete his class “A Survey of the Old Testament” the last two Sundays of July. We will not meet for Sunday School in the month of August.

“Words of Faith” in Print Again

Words of Faith, our church periodical, is in print again and is actively recruiting contributing authors and column ideas.  If you enjoy writing, or if you have an idea of a subject that you would like explored, please contact Katrina Knight. There are a number of features that are already in the works. One opportunity for everyone to participate is a question & answer column called “Ask a Pastor”.  There will be a labeled box in the Narthex for you to write any question that you would like to have addressed in our next issue. A few will be selected and printed with illuminating pastoral responses.

C3 Ministries Coming this Fall

C3 Ministries (Care and Comfort, in Community) is a program designed to equip and prepare FPC members to be the hands and feet of caring for brethren in the body, and blessing the wider community. Through regular and on-going training, C3 Ministries gives church members the tools to comfort the grieving, encourage the distressed, lift up the downtrodden…in short to reflect Christ to our neighbors.
Starting this fall, C3 Ministries will host regular sessions on:
· Building Relationships
· Entering into Grief
· Understanding Poverty
· Recognizing Status (race, foreigner, etc.)
Watch for more informational announcements later this summer, or contact Andrew Milton.

Pastoral Search

Faith Presbyterian Church is currently seeking a Senior Pastor committed to proclaiming God’s Word, leading an established congregation in worship, and shepherding the spiritual development of a congregation of all ages.  Individuals interested in being considered for the position are encouraged to contact the Pastoral Search Committee.  Click here to download the flyer.

Pastoral Search Committee Members: Bob Case (Chairman), Evangeline DeGraaf, Steve Jack (Secretary), Doug Lawty, Don Mellott, Mike Pfefferle, Jim Price, Erika Skrivan, Noel Sukhia, Jennifer Sullivan, Jason Van Gilder (Vice-Chairman).

Nursing Mothers

In addition to the nursery rooms, Room #117 – the Women in the Church room, is open and available for your convenience during all Worship Services. The service can be seen and heard in the WIC room.

Hearing Assistance

If you would like a device to help with hearing the worship service, please see a Deacon.

A Reminder About Parking

As a courtesy to our neighbors, please do not park on the south side of South 8th Street, on South Winnifred Street behind the church, or where the curb is painted yellow.  Thank you.