Studies in the Trinity, Pt. 1

Mike Pfefferle starts a new adult Sunday School class, “Studies in the Trinity.” You might think that you only need to know about the Trinity when “those people” ring your doorbell. J.I. Packer would disagree; he writes in Knowing God that “the heart of the Christian faith in God is the revealed mystery of the […]

Comfort for the Afflicted, 2 Corinthians 1:3-4

“As we find comfort in God from our afflictions, and find hope in him and in his church, we who were comforted by others are now called to comfort others who have gone through similar afflictions… it is as he heals us and restores us through the relief and refuge he has given us, that […]

Christian Education & Growing Solid, Rooted Christians

“Properly equipped by an education that is rooted in God’s Word, filled with the truths of our world that God has made, and engaged with the challenges of the culture around us, Christian education is to equip each generation of the people of God to press into the world, make disciples, and extend the kingdom […]

Conduits of the Holy Spirit, John 7:37-39

“We show love and kindness to those who are spiritually thirsty around us, we help them to see their spiritual thirst, and then we lovingly speak the truth of Christ and the gospel to them. And as we do, the living water that is the Holy Spirit will flow like a river from Christ, through […]