The Fall of Saul, Part 3: Sin Regarding the World

What we see in this chapter is that Saul adopts a worldly approach to war, and he does it for self-serving reasons. And in the same way, when we adopt a worldly way of relating to the world around us, we too do it for self-serving reasons. We try to discard one of the two elements of speaking the truth in love. Here is the question for us: When you interact with the non-Christian world, which of these approaches most tempt you? Are you more tempted to blast those who disagree with you or to affirm or endorse things that God has denied? Those who promote affirmation of all choices intentionally leave the world unchanged. And those who brashly provoke others change few minds or hearts. But Christian spiritual warfare refuses to let the world stay as it is. Its aim is to devote everything to God.