So, what is Job? It is a book of wisdom; that seems clear and not only because of chapter 28. Clearly Job is a righteous man; the Lord himself says so both at the beginning and the end of the book. James, in his New Testament letter, recommends Job to us as an exemplar of patience or perseverance (5:11). So, obviously we are to learn from Job what righteous men think and do and say. It is a book about life and about suffering, of which there is a great deal in anyone’s life in this sin-sick world. But Job also repents in dust and ashes at the end of the book for some of the things he thought and said. It is a book that teaches us wisdom, as does Proverbs, both positively and negatively. We are shown what not to do and what to do. But certainly in the case of Job, all is not quite as simple as we find wisdom to be in Proverbs.

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15/13/2012 PM Introduction to the Book of Job   Audio
26/3/2012 PM Elihu and the Problem of Evil   Audio
36/10/2012 PM God's Answer to Job's Complaint   Audio
46/17/2012 PM Job's Righteousness   Audio
56/24/2012 PM Job's Reward Job 42:7-17 Audio
67/1/2012 PM Wisdom Job 28:1-28 Audio

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