Mark Sermons

This is the purpose of the Gospel of Mark: the proclamation of the glorious message of forgiveness and peace with God through faith in Jesus Christ. Mark wrote the book as a record of Peter’s preaching and teaching, which was itself based upon his personal recollection of what he had himself witnessed and the commission he had received from Jesus to tell the world what had happened and what it meant.

Series Content

12/25/2007 AM The Gospel of Mark Mark 1:1 Audio
23/4/2007 AM Preparing the Way for Jesus Mark 1:1-8 Audio
33/11/2007 AM Behold the Man Mark 1:1-13 Audio
43/18/2007 AM Followers of Jesus Mark 1:14-20 Audio
53/25/2007 AM The Supernatural Mark 1:21-28 Audio
64/22/2007 AM Healings and HEALING Mark 1:29-45 Audio
74/29/2007 AM A Picture of Salvation Mark 2:1-12 Audio
85/13/2007 AM The Great Divide Mark 2:13-22 Audio
95/20/2007 AM Loving God's Law Mark 2:23-28 Audio
106/3/2007 AM Hatred of Jesus Mark 3:1-6
116/10/2007 AM The Strong Man and the Still Stronger Mark 3:7-30 Audio
126/17/2007 AM The Other Half of Salvation Mark 3:31-35 Audio
136/24/2007 AM The Parable of the Sower Mark 4:1-20 Audio
147/1/2007 AM Hidden, Only Then Disclosed Mark 4:21-25 Audio
157/8/2007 AM The Growth of the Kingdom of God Mark 4:26-34 Audio
167/15/2007 AM Christ Stilling the Storm Mark 4:35-41 Audio
177/22/2007 AM Lord, Deliver Us from Evil Mark 5:1-20 Audio
188/26/2007 AM Believing in Jesus Christ Mark 5:21-43 Audio
199/2/2007 AM The Power of Unbelief Mark 6:1-6 Audio
209/9/2007 AM In the Lord's Place Mark 6:6-14 Audio
219/16/2007 AM Our Savior's Hero Mark 6:14-29 Audio
229/23/2007 AM A Memorable Lesson Mark 6:30-44 Audio
239/30/2007 AM With Christ in the Storm Mark 6:45-56 Audio
2410/7/2007 AM The Heart of the Matter Mark 7:1-23
2510/14/2007 AM Faithful Pests Mark 7:24-30 Audio
2610/21/2007 AM Hear Him Ye Deaf Mark 7:31-37 Audio
2711/4/2007 AM Slowly but Surely Mark 8:1-26 Audio
2811/11/2007 AM Jesus is the Christ Mark 8:27-9:1 Audio
2911/18/2007 AM The Christ is God Mark 9:2-13 Audio
3011/25/2007 AM Faith is the Victory Mark 9:14-32 Audio
3112/9/2007 AM Hoping to be Last Mark 9:33-37 Audio
3212/16/2007 AM The Seriousness of Life Mark 9:38-50 Audio
331/6/2008 AM A Test Case Mark 10:1-12 Audio
341/13/2008 AM Disciples and Their Children Mark 10:13-16 Audio
351/20/2008 AM A Representative Undisciple Mark 10:17-27 Audio
361/27/2008 AM A Prosperity Gospel? Mark 10:27-31 Audio
372/10/2008 AM A Representative Disciple Mark 10:32-52 Audio
382/17/2008 AM Sticking to the Script Mark 11:1-11 Audio
392/24/2008 AM The Wrath of the Lamb Mark 11:12-25 Audio
403/2/2008 AM Unbelief Mark 11:27-12:12 Audio
413/9/2008 AM The Christian and the State Mark 12:13-17 Audio
423/30/2008 AM Heaven: Imagined and Real Mark 12:18-27 Audio
434/6/2008 AM The Kingdom of Love Mark 12:28-34 Audio
444/13/2008 AM Jesus is God Mark 12:35-37 Audio
454/20/2008 AM Above All Else: the Heart Mark 12:38-44 Audio
464/27/2008 AM This same Jesus...will come back... Mark 13:1-37 Audio
475/18/2008 AM Devotion to Christ Mark 14:1-11 Audio
485/25/2008 AM The Lord's Supper Mark 14:12-31 Audio
496/1/2008 AM Gethsemane Mark 14:32-42 Audio
506/15/2008 AM Jesus in the Hands of Men Mark 14:43-72 Audio
516/22/2008 AM Jesus Judged Mark 15:1-15 Audio
526/29/2008 AM The Crucifixion Mark 15:16-32 Audio
537/6/2008 AM It is Finished Mark 15:33-41 Audio
547/13/2008 AM The Burial of Jesus Mark 15:42-47 Audio
557/20/2008 AM The Great Surprise Mark 16:1-8 Audio

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