Tithe & Tribute: A Brief Theology of Online Giving

Download Audio   “Tithe & Tribute: A Brief Theology of Online Giving” October 13, 2019 Faith Presbyterian Church – Evening Service Pr. Nicoletti   Our sermon this evening is a topical one, and so we will look at several passages of Scripture, but the best to open with is probably Leviticus 27:30-34.   So, with […]

Aiming Too Low, John 6:24-35

Download Audio Download Text   “Aiming too Low” John 6:24-35 September 29, 2019 Faith Presbyterian Church – Morning Service Pr. Nicoletti   Our Scripture reading this morning is from The Gospel of John, chapter six, verses twenty-four through thirty-five. Jesus has miraculously fed five thousand people. Those he had fed tried to make him an […]