The Faith Hasn’t Kept Up

Download audio Download text Some time ago one of you, reflecting on this series of sermons on the doubts that rise in Christian minds, mentioned to me that he thought a great source of doubt was the fact that, in many modern minds, the church maintains positions that have been discredited in the culture. He […]

Tell the Truth Acts 21:37-22:22

Download audio Download text Acts 21:37-22:22 As we left Paul last time, he had been beaten by a Jewish mob in the Temple’s outer court and then put in protective custody by the Roman tribune. Text Comment v.38     Greek was the language of Egypt at this time, so the question that begins v. 38 might […]

It Doesn’t Work for Me

Download audio Download text So far in this series we have considered among the causes of Christian doubt, of a shaken faith, either teachings of the Christian faith that cause concern or offense – the doctrine of hell, for example – or facts of life that we struggle to reconcile with our Christian convictions – […]

The Mystery of God’s Ways

Download audio Download text We have recently considered, as another source of Christian doubt, that is, another reason why the faith of even devout believers is sometimes shaken, either the suffering that Christians themselves must endure – sometimes almost unbearable suffering, sometimes literally unbearable in the case of suicides – or the suffering they observe […]

Paul the Doormat Acts 21:16-26

Download audio Download text Acts 21:16-26 Chapter 20 and the first part of chapter 21 told the story of Paul’s trip from Greece to Jerusalem, partly by land, mostly by sea. Now he has arrived. Luke is about to tell us what happened when he and his Gentile converts, the representatives of his Gentile churches, […]