The Meaning of History, 1 Pet 1:10-12

Download audio 1 Peter 1:10-12 Download sermon Text Comment v.10     “Prophets” certainly refers to the biblical prophets and especially those who wrote of the future, as most of them did to some degree. But the term extends to the entire Scripture and its doctrine of the future, at least all the Scripture that had been […]

The Long Wait Begins, Gen 46:1-34

Download audio Genesis 46:1-34 Download sermon The Apostle Paul reminds us that everything written in the ancient Scriptures was written for us, written to instruct us in the faith and written to encourage us in the Christian life. But it is also true that we gain a deeper appreciation of many texts, such as this […]

…Where Partings are No More, Gen 45:1-28

Download audio Genesis 45:1-28 Download sermon Text Comment Judah’s magnificent speech and his offer to take Benjamin’s place, to be enslaved so that his young half-brother might go free, had brought Joseph’s great project to the happiest conceivable end. He could no longer and need no longer maintain the pretense and disclosed himself to his […]