Pentecost: Warfare by the Spirit, 1 Samuel 16:13-23

Download Audio Download Text   “Pentecost: Warfare by the Spirit” 1 Samuel 16:13-23 June 9, 2019 Faith Presbyterian Church – Evening Service Pr. Nicoletti Our text this evening is from First Samuel, chapter sixteen, verses thirteen through twenty-three. This is the next passage in our consecutive reading of the Book of Samuel … but providentially […]

Pentecost: Cooperating with the Divine Weaver, Acts 2

Download Audio “Pentecost: Cooperating with the Divine Weaver” Acts 2 June 9, 2019 Faith Presbyterian Church – Morning Service Pr. Nicoletti We have one more Sunday morning away from the Gospel of John today, for Pentecost Sunday. This morning I’ll read the account of Pentecost from the Book of Acts, chapter two. We’ll read the […]

The Rev. Samuel Eli Cornish, Pt. 3

Bob Case concludes a three-part series on the life and times of the most significant black Presbyterian minister in America before the Civil War, Samuel Eli Cornish. Ordained the same day in the same presbytery as the great Princeton theologian Charles Hodge, the Rev. Cornish’s life has application to us at Faith Presbyterian Church today.

Words Matter

Download Audio Download Text   “Words Matter” Commencement Address Covenant High School – Graduating Class of 2019 Rev. Nathaniel H. Gutierrez June 7, 2019 7:00pm   For 45 years, my great-Grandfather was a strong and driven Communist leader in Peru. Later my father at age 14 would follow in his footsteps, and live a life […]