The Essential Man, Gen 41:1-40

Download audio Genesis 41:1-40 Download sermon As you remember, it was dreams that got Joseph into the mess he was in, but now it will be dreams that get him out and place him in a position of great favor and power in the land of his captivity. Text Comment v.1       It was two years […]

Living in the Truth Gen 39:21-40:23

Download audio Genesis 39:21-40:23 Download sermon v.23     The Lord was with Joseph, not to protect him from distress but in the midst of his distress. You will notice how closely the language here parallels that of 39:2-6. That similarity emphasizes that, despite all appearances, God was on Joseph’s side as much in the prison as […]

The Dialectical Nature of Biblical Revelation

Download audio Download sermon We have so far considered in this short series of subject sermons the question of whether the Bible actually commands a particular form of church government, or to put the question in the terms of the historic debate, whether there is a jus divinum, a divine law of church government. Should […]

A Life of High Adventure Genesis 39:1-23

Download audio Genesis 39:1-23 Download sermon We have been hearing a lot about “Genesis 39” of late, since it became the title for our monthly sexual purity class in the Sunday School. There is that subject, of course, in this chapter, but there is more than that, as we shall see. With the beginning of […]


Download audio 1 Corinthians 11:27-30 Download sermon I began this short series of subject sermons last Lord’s Day evening explaining that I wanted to prepare us for the possibility that our new minister might not agree with me or with you in every particular. Through 40 years of a single ministry a congregation gets used […]

“Where sin abounded…” Genesis 38:1-30

Download audio Genesis 38:1-30 Download sermon Text Comment v.1       Judah’s leaving the family and “going down” from the higher country of Hebron to the foothills is probably itself some indication of the spiritual disintegration of the family. There was no longer a sense of the importance of their being together as the covenant people of […]