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1 & 2 TimothyTwo of the so-called Pastoral Epistles, a potpourri of fasinating and controversial teaching.Aug 25, 2013
1 Thessalonians SermonsFirst Thessalonians is a fascinating book for a number of reasons -- it speaks to issues of truth, of morality, of faith, of the Christian life, and the Lord's second coming. But, having planted a new church, it holds a special interest because it gives us a snapshot of a newly planted church, and some of the issues that face a young church.Aug 5, 2007
A Christian's BooksA series of articles by Pastor Rayburn published in the church newsletter, "In this series of articles I plan to introduce you to a variety of great books, books of very different kinds treating a wide range of subjects, but books that will help you as a Christian. My purpose is not to make you scholars, but to make you deeper and wiser Christians and to give you the same thrill that I have felt in encountering the truth of God beautifully, skillfully, and winsomely portrayed." Jul 1, 2010
Abiding in ChristThe Apostle John is the “Abiding in Christ” apostle. John 15:1-11 is saturated with this language. What does abide in him mean? The abiding life is marked by communion, dependence, prayer, love, obedience, pain, fruitfulness, and joy.Oct 13, 2013
ActsThe Book of Acts, the great book of early Church history in the New Testament, is a book so relevant to every facet of Christian life today that it should be one of the books of the Bible that every serious Christian is thoroughly familiar with.May 17, 1998
Advent, Christmas & The New YearThe Lord wants his people to be happy. He gave them a pattern of feasts to help them be happy. For they have great reason to be happy, even in this sin-sick world of death.Dec 28, 2014
Amos SermonsAmos' message to the church, “Prepare to meet your God, O Israel.”Jul 23, 2006
Biblical SexualitySeminars to the Pacific Northwest Presbytery, men of Faith Presbyterian Church, and a question and answer session during adult Sunday School.May 1, 2011
Christian Education Sep 6, 2009
Christian TestimoniesThese are testimonies given periodically as part of our worship or during the Adult Sunday School.Jun 30, 2013
ColossiansIn Colossians in particular the great Apostle lays down the contours of a Christian philosophy or worldview, a fundamental way of understanding reality and relating that reality to the issues of daily life. If such deep understanding is in place the Christian is unlikely to be deceived, no matter how fine-sounding the world’s arguments may be. What was threatening the faith of those believers long ago in Colossae was precisely what threatens our faith in Tacoma, Washington today, what Paul calls in 2:8 “a hollow and deceptive philosophy which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ.” Dec 30, 2012
Daniel Sermons“What better way to bring a Christian child to aspire to spiritual greatness than to set before him or her heroes of the church’s past and a picture of godliness and fortitude in flesh and blood. It is the Bible’s own way to train up children in the faith…” Dr. Rayburn Re: ‘Trial & Triumph” [Richard Hannula]Aug 19, 2007
Distinctives of Reformed SpiritualityThe 'distinctives' I have chosen to present are: 1. a profound sense of sin; 2. a deep and serious joy; 3. an abiding and extravagant gratitude; 4. and spirituality with a corporate emphasis, and, in particular, a family emphasis.May 16, 1989
EcclesiastesThe second book in the Biblical Wisdom series, Ecclesiastes is one of the most misunderstood books of the Bible, but when rightly understood its message is wonderfully consoling, helpful, and necessary.Apr 15, 2012
Exodus SermonsThis is a series of sermons through Exodus. We are delivered from sin and death by the power and the faithfulness of God alone. That is the message of the exodus from Egypt and why this history takes on such importance in the revelation of salvation in the Bible. Mar 19, 2006
Ezekiel SermonsThere are difficulties reading the prophets and Ezekiel in particular from this great distance to be sure and we will have to overcome them, but when reduced to their plain sense, Ezekiel’s sermons, like Isaiah’s or Jeremiah’s, Amos’ or Malachi’s, are straight talk to God’s people about what it means to live by faith in a world of sin and death. They are as straightforward in their teaching as Jesus in the Gospels or Paul in his letters. And their particular literary form — what makes reading Ezekiel more difficult for us — lends these texts a special power and makes them memorable. It was, after all, the Spirit of God who ultimately decided that a book like Ezekiel should be in Holy Scripture. It therefore becomes our happy task to discover why! He would not have given us Ezekiel if he didn’t have wonderful things for us in this book.Mar 9, 2008
Fighting from the High Ground Mar 22, 2015
Genesis Jun 28, 2015
He Gave Us Characters Dec 7, 2014
HeavenOur future hope.Jul 22, 2012
Homosexuality SermonsA three-part series regarding homosexuality given during September 2006.Sep 17, 2006
JobSo, what is Job? It is a book of wisdom; that seems clear and not only because of chapter 28. Clearly Job is a righteous man; the Lord himself says so both at the beginning and the end of the book. James, in his New Testament letter, recommends Job to us as an exemplar of patience or perseverance (5:11). So, obviously we are to learn from Job what righteous men think and do and say. It is a book about life and about suffering, of which there is a great deal in anyone’s life in this sin-sick world. But Job also repents in dust and ashes at the end of the book for some of the things he thought and said. It is a book that teaches us wisdom, as does Proverbs, both positively and negatively. We are shown what not to do and what to do. But certainly in the case of Job, all is not quite as simple as we find wisdom to be in Proverbs. Jul 1, 2012
John 3:16A short series of three sermons on John 3:16 one of the best known and loved verses in the Bible.Jul 20, 2014
John's Letters SermonsJohn’s first letter is about knowing: knowing for sure that we are in Christ and in possession of eternal life. It helps us to do the main thing in life, which is to keep the main thing in life the main thing in life! The Apostle John, in his second letter, is concerned to reassert the truth. In the third letter, we are given a window on daily church life in the first century.Mar 20, 2011
Jonah SermonsA series of five sermons through the book of Jonah given by Pastor DeMass.Jul 27, 2008
JoshuaJoshua is history that very pointedly, intentionally, and persuasively teaches the faithfulness of God, the reliability of his Word, the divine initiative in salvation, the necessity of faith and obedience on the part of God’s people, the distinction between the church and the world and many other such fundamental doctrines of our faith. It is a book that accents the terrible importance of the choices we make in life, the ways in which we either prove or disprove in the moment our loyalty to God and his Word. Jul 6, 2014
Jude Jul 20, 2014
Judgment Jul 5, 2015
Kings SermonsKings is preached history and, at one and the same time, a sermon on the history of redemption and the practice of the Christian faith. It functions brilliantly as an account of four hundred years of the inexorable progress of the plan of God to reveal Jesus Christ as the King of Kings and savior of sinners and as a practical manual for a believer’s pilgrimage through this world.Aug 28, 2011
Leviticus May 17, 2015
LukeNo matter how well we know the Gospels, we need to know them better; no matter how convinced we may be of the truth of this history, we could very well stand to be still more certain, more convinced, more sure of it. The more knowledgeable and the more certain we are of the truth of the Gospel the more intelligent and sturdy will be our faith and the more faithful our lives. It is as simple as that. Thanks be to God for Dr. Luke and for his great history. Nov 24, 2013
Luke's Church History TourA brief survey of apostolic church history as recorded by Luke in the book of Acts.Mar 22, 2009
Mark SermonsThis is the purpose of the Gospel of Mark: the proclamation of the glorious message of forgiveness and peace with God through faith in Jesus Christ. Mark wrote the book as a record of Peter’s preaching and teaching, which was itself based upon his personal recollection of what he had himself witnessed and the commission he had received from Jesus to tell the world what had happened and what it meant.Jul 20, 2008
Matthew SermonsThere is a kind of inclusio in the Gospel of Matthew, a statement made at the beginning and the end that defines the whole. In 1:23 Jesus is identified before his birth as Immanuel, which means “God with us.” The very last verse of the Gospel of Matthew contains the promise of the Lord Jesus: “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” There is the message in a nutshell, the message of the genealogy that begins the Gospel and the message of all that follows it to the end. We can be with God and God with us, if we know and trust and love Jesus Christ, God’s Son.Jan 29, 2006
Micah SermonsFor the faithful, in the midst of a world that cares so little for the truth of God, Micah will wonderfully encourage us to hold fast to God's covenant and to count on his mercy and compassion.Jan 31, 1999
Not Without WitnessPaul and Barnabas were on their first missionary trip, as we read in Acts Chapter 14, healed a crippled man, the town came out, thought they were gods, and Paul used that opportunity to speak the truth to them. He told them that though God had not sent a missionary to them up to that point, that God had not left himself without a witness. In this series we consider the witness of General Revelation, the Conscience, Special Revelation and the consummate revelation of God in His Son.Sep 15, 2013
Numbers SermonsThis is a series of sermons through Numbers. Numbers narrates the somewhat haphazard movement of the people of God from Mt. Sinai to the plains of Moab. The book ends with Israel on the east bank of the Jordan River poised to enter the Promised Land. Numbers seems at first glance to be a strange and forbidding book, at least when it is not giving us an account of what happened to Israel in the wilderness. That part of Numbers is endlessly interesting as we will see.Aug 16, 2009
Obadiah Jul 13, 2014
Other SermonsThis is a collection of sermons that stand on their own. They are not part of any specific series.Jul 5, 2015
Our DiscipleshipAnd the Beginning of Christ's MinistryJan 25, 2015
Palm Sunday, Easter, and PentecostSermons related to the various celebrations and times of the year near the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ.May 24, 2015
PhilemonThe return of Onesimus is the subject of this short letter to Philemon.Jan 13, 2013
Philippians SermonsPaul could take delight in the grace and love of these believers not only because he profited from it himself, but because he knew God would not forget to reward his brethren for it.Feb 18, 2007
ProverbsWhat is wanting? It is not belief in the gospel or the love of Christ, though we could surely say that more of that is always needed and would be helpful. The Bible’s own answer to that question is that what is wanting is wisdom, hokmah, the skill, the expertise in living a good, responsible, holy, faithful, successful, fruitful, happy life. And it is terribly sad when the Egyptian is more skillful at life than the Christian which is true more often than you might think. What is wanting is the mastery of one’s circumstances that is biblical wisdom. We ought to crave this wisdom, to search for it until we have found it; we ought to practice it until it becomes second nature which is precisely what Proverbs teaches us to do! It is more precious than gold!Mar 18, 2012
Reading the Bible for All Its WorthHold fast to the whole counsel of God and to all the teaching of Holy Scripture.Jun 17, 2001
Reformation Sunday SermonsSermons noting the event of the Protestant Reformation.Oct 28, 2012
Revelation SermonsRevelation is the account of a vision that God gave to the apostle John and a very carefully composed literary masterpiece. We'll see that again and again throughout this series.May 17, 2009
Romans SermonsRomans contains a grand summary of the Christian faith and a timeless account of reality, of the real world of man in sin and of man in salvation.Jul 18, 2010
Ruth SermonsStudies in the Book of Ruth: January 2005 by the Rev. Dr. Robert S. Rayburn and March 2011 by the Rev. Jerid Krulish.Sep 18, 2011
Scripture SermonsThink of it carefully. Study it prayerfully. Deep in your heart, let its oracles dwell. Ponder its mystery. Sleight not its history. For none ever loved it too fondly or well.May 18, 2008
Snow RetreatYouth Group Snow Retreat. Speaker The Rev. Dan Mason, Campus Chaplain, Reformed University Fellowship, University of North Carolina. Jan 23, 2011
Song of SongsThis is the third book in the Biblical Wisdom series.May 6, 2012
Special AddressesA collection of special addresses that have been given.Sep 7, 2008
Special GuestsThese sermons and addresses have been delivered by our special guests.May 31, 2015
Studies in Our SinsA short series on the subject of "our sins." Given during the evening service beginning in September of 2006.Jan 21, 2007
Studies in the SabbathA series of evening sermons concerning our observance of the Sabbath day.Sep 3, 2006
Studies in Unfamiliar PsalmsAn evening series of sermons on the Psalms, the hymn book and the prayer book of the church.Mar 21, 2010
The Bible's Theology & Ethics of Marriage Jun 22, 2014
The Practices of Christian DevotionAn evening sermon series on the disciplines of the Christian life.Nov 29, 2009
The Quotable PaulThe Apostle Paul is gifted at painting colorful life-like pictures with his words. He has often put things in an inspiring, memorable, and even penetrating way.Oct 28, 2012
Theology of Work SermonsA series on the theology and ethics of work.Jun 4, 2006
Titus SermonsMartin Luther says of Titus, "This is a short epistle, but yet such a quintessence of Christian doctrine, and composed in such a masterly manner, that it contains all that is needful for Christian knowledge and life." [Cited in Farrar, St. Paul, 660]Jul 29, 2012
Trinity SermonsIn the teaching of the triunity of God we are confronted with a greater mystery than often Christians realize. We know less than we may think we know, but what we know is wonderful beyond words.Apr 4, 2010
Two Tales of One TemptationA short series concerning sexual temptation and sin given by Pastor DeMass.Oct 15, 2006
Women In the ChurchAddresses and lectures to the women in the church.Sep 20, 2012
Worship SermonsA morning sermon series on worship - the corporate, what the Anglicans call the common worship of the church on the Lord’s Day - the rite or ritual of the Sunday morning and evening services of the Christian church.Jul 24, 2011
ZechariahA series of sermons on the book of Zechariah. It has been called the most obscure book of the Bible, but people who said such things lived before The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia!Feb 2, 2014

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