Our Worship

The worship at Faith Presbyterian Church has been summarized in a series of articles that first appeared in our newsletter.

For the details concerning our practice of the Lord's Supper, please see this evening sermon series.

To see our order of worship, recent bulletins are available.

Help Your Child Worship

Sit together as a family. If you have a large family, invite single adults to sit with you. This will emphasize that all believers are in the Lord’s family. It will also help singles fulfill their vows to help in the nurture of the covenant children by helping one of your children with the hymns, the Scripture reading, the confession of sin, etc.

Impress on your child the fact that he should get himself quiet, pray to God, and get ready to worship God during the three minutes of silence preceding the beginning of the morning worship service. He needs to be reminded that we are in the presence of the Lord, and are to quiet our hearts before Him at the beginning.

Encourage your child to participate with the congregation in standing, praying, reading, singing, etc.

Encourage your child to say “Amen” after each of the congregational prayers; tell him frequently why we do this.

Note in the bulletin when communion or a baptism are coming up the following week, and explain to your child what these mean prior to the service.

See to it that your child has a church worship paper and something to write with. Encourage hi to use this and not to write on the offering envelopes. If he is old enough, encourage him to use the church worship paper to focus on the sermon. Discourage the drawing of pictures that have nothing to do with the things of God.

Have your child share with you after the service the things he has written or drawn on the church worship paper. Praise his attempts to listen to the sermon and to participate in other parts of the worship service.

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Faith Presbyterian Church is also the home of Covenant High School.