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One of the characteristics of reformed or Calvinist Christianity is the emphasis it places upon doctrine. It is often a reproach made against us that we think too much and talk too much about doctrine" It is felt by some of our friends that d…


It is often thought that the reformed faith, or Calvinism, with its stern view of human sin and its emphasis on the majesty of the Almighty, is calculated to produce dour, humorless Christians, whipped, beaten, and without a spark of real joy in …


In thinking of what subjects I might include in a series of sermons on the subject of 'distinctives of reformed spirituality,' my problem was an embarrassment of riches.  I had too many themes for too few sermons.  No doubt you might hav…

The First Deadly Sin

Audio:   Download Audio Download Text ‘The First Deadly Sin’ Hosea 12:1-8; 13:1-8 Feb 5, 1989 Series on Hosea, No. 12 What is the greatest impediment to faith and godliness in your life? What is it, that more than anything else, prevents you from becoming the Christian you ought to be and, I know in […]


Audio:   Download Audio Download Audio ‘If…then’ Hosea 10:1-15 Jan 29, 1989 Series on Hosea, No. 11 TEXT COMMENTS: Omitting chapter 9: have referred to several of its verses in the sermons already preached; it continues the same themes we have already explored in our progress through the book. But it is worth nothing the […]

The Great Sunday Sin

Audio:   Download Audio Download Text ‘The Great Sunday Sin’ Hosea 6:4-10 Jan 8, 1989 Series on Hosea, No. 8 TEXT COMMENTS: Review: Hosea’s great message is that of the doom which God is about to bring upon his people for their disloyalty to Him. Remember we said that two-thirds of the book is comprised […]