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“God-fearer” a Gentile who had embraced the Jewish faith but had not become a practicing Jew because he had not yet submitted to circumcision (as was the case here with Cornelius, cf. 11:3).

While we ten…

Peter's Miracles

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Luke returns now to Peter for three and a half more chapters before Paul takes center stage for the remainder of the book. Very different men used in different ways by the King of the Church.


Apparently, Peter had …

Paul's Conversion

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The chapter has sometimes been titled “How Paul lost his bad breath.” Paul later describes himself to have been in a kind of raging fury against the Christians. 26:11: “Many a time I went from one synagogue to another…


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"Cilicia" Is this the synagogue attended by Saul of Tarsus, with Saul himself as the chief instigator of the opposition to the Christians?

Jesus did, of course, say such things, and Stephen was n…

Ananias and Sapphira

Read Acts 4:32-5:11
The chapter division is not well placed. It ought to be between 4:31 and 4:32, for, though 4:32-36 summarizes again the spirit of these early Christians — repeating in greater detail the information already given in 2:44-45 …

Christian Confidence

Read: 4:23-31
The disciples, Peter and John in particular, had been jailed over night, hauled before the authorities, ordered not to preach in the name of Jesus, and threatened with further reprisal if they did. Their response to this intimidation…

The Power of Unbelief

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The Sadducees were particularly annoyed by the message, for they denied the doctrine of the resurrection. That this teaching should have been spread in the Temple would have only infuriated them the more as they thought…

A Miracle

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Luke is now going to give a particular instance of those miracles he said in 2:43 the Apostles were performing. And its setting is in the temple courts where we have already read (2:46) the Christians were meeting daily.


Church Structure

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“They” = 3,000 + 120 or thereabouts; so almost all the church believers of but a few days. Not meeting in one place all at once, of course, but in many different congregations, as v. 46 indicates. The only place they may…


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A troublesome introduction of baptism for Protestant Christians. Seeing that baptism does not save someone, why muddy the waters so early on? We don't deny, of course, that baptism does not have the same place in salva…

Isaiah’s Philosophy of History

Audio:   Download Audio Download Text “Isaiah’s Philosophy of History” Isaiah 53:1-12 April 27, 1997 I want to conclude our series of studies in this supremely important passage by considering vv. 10-12 as a statement of Isaiah’s, and the Bible’s, and so the Lord’s own philosophy of history. It is important for all men, but […]


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Pentecost from the Greek word for “50” because this feast occurred fifty days after Passover. It was the OT's Feast of Weeks, a late Spring harvest festival.

You know that the Greek word pneuma can be trans…

Christ the Willing Victim

Download Text “Christ the Willing Victim” Isaiah 53:1-12 April 20, 1997 We considered, the last two Lord’s Days, the great three-verse stanza that serves as the middle of the poem, this fourth of Isaiah’s “songs of the servant.” Verses 4-6 state the fact and the meaning of the Servant’s death. It was, we read here, […]

Christ for Me

Audio:   Download Audio Download Text “Christ for Me” Isaiah 53:1-12 April 13, 1997 We considered, in an introductory way, the teaching of vv. 4-6 last Lord’s Day morning. We pointed out that the verses teach what is, in any case, taught in many other places in Scripture and, especially, in those great passages in […]

Christ for Us

Audio:   Download Audio Download Text “Christ for Us” Isaiah 53:1-12 Apr 6, 1997 Today, I want to consider in something of an introductory way the teaching of Isaiah 53 concerning the death of Christ. Next week, Lord willing, I want to apply that teaching to our faith in life as Christians. But, first, we […]


I have long looked forward to studying the Book of Acts with you. Over many years of Sunday evening services we made our way through the historical books of the OT, from Joshua to Esther. It is high time we made our way through the great book of earl…

Easter 1997

Download Text “Easter 1997” Isaiah 52:13-53:12 March 30, 1997 Text Comment We have been studying this famous and beautiful text over the past several Sunday mornings. It is the last and the grandest of Isaiah’s prophesies of the personage, whom he calls “The Servant of the Lord” who will bring salvation to the world. It […]

The Humiliation of the Son of God

Audio:   Download Audio Download Text “The Humiliation of the Son of God” Isaiah 53:1-9 March 23, 1997  Text Comment v.1 I told you that I was reading, for this series of sermons on Isaiah 53, the classic work of our Reformed Tradition on the passage, the 17th century Scot James Durham’s Christ Crucified: or, […]

The Great Surprise

Audio:   Download Audio Download Text “The Great Surprise” Isaiah 52:13-53:12 March 2, 1997 Text Comments v.13 “Raised and lifted up” said of God in 6:1 v.14 “Many” is a theological term in this Servant Song — here, v. 15; 53:11, 12 (twice; cf. the NIV margin). It seems to be a synonym for the […]

Isaiah the Evangelist

Audio:   Download Audio Download Text “Isaiah the Evangelist” Isaiah 52:13-53:12 Feb. 23, 1997 I have long wanted to preach a series of sermons on this text, wonderful as it is and so central to our understanding of the life and work of our Savior. But until recently, whenever I thought of doing so, I […]