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Easter 1997

Download Text “Easter 1997” Isaiah 52:13-53:12 March 30, 1997 Text Comment We have been studying this famous and beautiful text over the past several Sunday mornings. It is the last and the grandest of Isaiah’s prophesies of the personage, whom he calls “The Servant of the Lord” who will bring salvation to the world. It […]

The Humiliation of the Son of God

Audio:   Download Audio Download Text “The Humiliation of the Son of God” Isaiah 53:1-9 March 23, 1997  Text Comment v.1 I told you that I was reading, for this series of sermons on Isaiah 53, the classic work of our Reformed Tradition on the passage, the 17th century Scot James Durham’s Christ Crucified: or, […]

The Great Surprise

Audio:   Download Audio Download Text “The Great Surprise” Isaiah 52:13-53:12 March 2, 1997 Text Comments v.13 “Raised and lifted up” said of God in 6:1 v.14 “Many” is a theological term in this Servant Song — here, v. 15; 53:11, 12 (twice; cf. the NIV margin). It seems to be a synonym for the […]