Micah 5:7-15

The previous oracle has linked the earlier prophesies of a golden age, a time of the triumph of the kingdom of God in the world, with the coming of the Messiah. The golden age will be the messianic age; his rule and work will bring it to pass.

The Firstfruits of the Nations, Matthew 2:1-12

The Golden Age is the Messianic Age, Micah 5:1-6

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v.1        Once again, Micah is going to move from the present distress of Israel — in this case the Assyrian invasion of 701 B.C. — to a future deliverance (as he did twice in 4:9-13). (The NIV om…

The Future of the Remnant, Micah 4:6-13

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v.6        In that day, i.e., the same time as the events of 4:1-5.
            He anticipates the exile that has already been prophesied. Th…

The Character of the Golden Age, Micah 4:1-5

We come now to the first of the oracles of salvation in Micah 4-5. As we pointed out last time, these are oracles of "Israel’s Golden Age," not of some specific, near-term deliverance of Micah’s contemporaries, such as we had in 2:12-13….

Israel’s Golden Age, Micah 3:9-4:1

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3:9-12 is the third of these three oracles against the corrupt leadership of the people of God that make up the third chapter. The first one addressed the political/judicial leadership, the second the prophets, and this last the …

False Prophecy, Micah 3:5-8

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Remember, chapter 3 contains three oracles in almost identical form (address; accusation; judgment) with the same subject, viz. the corrupt leadership. The first oracle concerned the political/judicial leadership. This next one a…

A Point of No Return, Micah 3:1-4

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Chapter 3 contains three oracles of judgment of equal length and identical in form. An address (1,5,9); accusation (beginning with "you who" 2,5,9); and judgment (with a logical connector — then or therefore — 4,6,12) …

Take Refuge in the Lord, Micah 2:12-13

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The history of the interpretation of these two verses has been a history of conflict between two very different viewpoints. Some have held that these two verses are actually a further prophecy of woe and judgment. They observed …

False Prophets, Micah 2:6-11

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What follows is an oracle against the false prophets and against the leadership of the people that favored these prophets and approved of their teaching.
v.6        The imperative "do not pr…

Contemporary Christian Music

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Ron Bechtel – Gospel Songs

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The Lex Talionis, Micah 2:1-5

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This next oracle is a pronouncement of judgement against the venal, mercenary leadership of Judah.
v.1        "At morning’s light" = when the law courts met; they had the law in their p…

Victorian Britain

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Deliberate Tears, Micah 1:8-16

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The next paragraph, vv. 8‑16, now describes the judgment that will fall upon Judah, the southern kingdom. She committed the same kinds of sins and will receive a similar punishment. Samaria was the chief object of the atten…

The Wrath of God, Micah 1:1-7

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1:1       This is what distinguishes the Bible from all other books. It is the product of the prophet Micah, to be sure, but still more, it is the word of God, his communication to the world and to his…

Introduction, Micah 1:1

Read: Micah 1:1
It has been some time since we have been together in one of the minor prophets and I have wanted to take up Micah for some time. I want to begin with a few reasons why we ought to look forward to a study of one of the minor pro…

The Practice or the Seeking of Assurance (1998)

Unfortunately, no audio is available for this item. We began two weeks ago by indicating the importance of assurance, both because of the eternal destinies at stake and because of […]

The Great Awakening

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The Grounds of Assurance (1998)

Unfortunately, no audio is available for this item. We began last week by indicating the importance of the topic (both in terms of false assurance and the value of a […]

Isaac Watts

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Introduction and Basic Perspectives (1998)

Unfortunately, no audio is available for this item. I wanted a brief series for the next three evening services and the Lord placed one in my lap. I have, as […]

Lutheran and Reformed Hymns

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The Reformation

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Paul and the Jews in Rome

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The Lord used this same citation in regard to the Jews in his own ministry (cf. Matt. 13:14-15; John 12:39-40).

This may be an indication that the case was allowed to be dropped for want of a prosecutio…

The Middle Ages

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Light and Darkness

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A good example of what nuance can be lost in a too free translation. I like the NIV for many reasons (I will never leave it because the annotations in my Bible would take years to bring over to another Bible and becaus…

Early Christianity

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Paul’s Shipwreck

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The next "we" section begins, which had been broken off at 21:18. Luke does not tell us where he has been the past two years. Many have thought, of course, that he spent the time largely in Palestine gatheri…


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The Demand of the Gospel

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This is the third recital of the conversion of Paul in Acts, remarkable given Luke’s compression and the thoughtfulness with which he makes decisions about what and what not to include in his narrative. Indeed, the co…

The Law as an Agent of Conviction

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A courtesy call, but an opportunity for the Jews to bring up the case they wanted resolved.

Festus not ready so soon in his governorship to alter procedure at the request of the Jews, suggests the more norm…

Christian Apologetics

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The world is not so different. The Jews came to present their charges but they needed a lawyer to be sure they were framed and presented in the right way.

This was flattery, not honesty. Jewish/Roman relati…

Divine Providence

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Oops! That was a vow they could not have kept. But, in those days, even strict Jews had ways and means of escaping the consequences of an unfulfilled vow.

That is, they went to those certain to be favora…

The Challenge

Audio:   Download Audio Psalm 137 This morning we conclude our series on the contemporary challenge of Roman Catholicism. We began our study by noting that thoughtful evangelicals — ministers […]

Paul: Clever and Impetuous

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Commentators discuss whether their flinging dust in the air was an action tantamount to shaking the dust of one’s feet off against someone — in this case, then, it would amount to their publicly saying that they did …


Audio:   Download Audio 2 Cor. 5:1-10 We are coming to the end of our series of studies of Roman Catholic doctrine and practice.  My plan is to conclude the […]

Paul’s Imprisonment

A longer reading than customary this evening. You should consider yourselves fortunate. My first Sunday evening at Gilcomston South Church in Aberdeen the service lasted two and a half hours and Mr. Still made it through some 13 chapters of Jerem…

The Mass, Pt. 2

Audio:   Download Audio John 6:43-59 We are picking up this morning where we left off last Lord’s Day morning. In last Sunday’s introduction to our consideration of the Roman […]

Paul’s Character

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“…torn ourselves…” Affection on both sides and, all the more, in light of Paul’s prediction that they would not see one another again.

An eyewitness touch. That journey across the open sea, instead of…

The Mass, Pt. 1

Audio:   Download Audio Mark 14:17-26 This morning we begin to consider the Roman Catholic doctrine of the Eucharist or Lord’s Supper or what they call “the Mass.” I have […]

The Church

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An interesting historical detail, the kind of thing a participant in the history would remember and all the more interesting a demonstration of historicity because no reason is given for Paul taking a different route…

Assurance of Salvation

Audio:   Download Audio 1 John 5:1-13 A few years ago now, one of you invited me to dinner at your home and gave me an assignment.  Also at the […]

Vignette of an Early Christian Church

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Left Ephesus after the troubles had died down.

The three winter months when sea travel ceased. During this time, most of which was spent at Corinth, he wrote Romans. In other words, he took a different rout…

The Papacy

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 16:13-20 In our consideration of the contemporary challenge of Roman Catholicism we have come to the Roman Catholic doctrine and institution of the Papacy, the […]

The Demonstration of the Holy Spirit

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By now we are used to this as the usual pattern of events upon Paul’s entrance into a new city. Paul’s boldness and persuasiveness produced converts and that produced a strong reaction from the Jews.
The lecture ha…


Audio:   Download Audio Luke 1:26-38 “No talk of Catholic [practice] can advance very far without coming upon the topic of the Virgin Mary.  And there is no topic, not […]

Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Second Blessing

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There is a question about the translation of the men’s reply. In earliest edition of the NIV that statement is rendered, “No, we have not even heard that the Holy Spirit has been given.” In printings after 1974 the NI…


Audio:   Download Audio John 20:19-23 I chose this particular text to introduce a discussion of the Roman Catholic sacrament of penance and the practice of penance in Catholic spiritual […]

Paul in Corinth: Priscilla, Aquila, and Apollos

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Corinth, with Ephesus, was the most important city Paul visited on his missionary tours (at least those covered in Acts), so it is not surprising that he spent a substantial period of time in each, a year and a half i…