Daily Archives: February 13, 2000

1 Samuel 3:1-4:1a

Download sermon 1 Samuel 3:1-4:1a Text Comment In the first two chapters we have seen the account of Samuel and of Eli’s sons in alternation. First we hear about the one and the about the other. Clearly the two are being compared and contrasted: Samuel’s holiness and dedication to God and Hophni and Phinehas’ corruption […]

The Zeal of the Lord John 2:12-25

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon John 2:12-25 Text Comment v.12     Capernaum was by the sea; Cana was in the uplands, some 16 miles southwest of Capernaum; so the verb “went down” is literally correct. Capernaum was to be the center of the Lord’s Galilean ministry, though we don’t know exactly why. Had the family […]