Monthly Archives: September 2000

Eternity John 8:12-30

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon John 8:12-30 Text Comment If we connect 8:12 with 7:39, leaving out, as we said last week, the account of the woman caught in adultery and observing that 7:40-52 do not include any remarks of the Lord but only record the conversations of others about him, then the “again” […]

The Text of the Bible John 8:1-11

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon John 8:1-11 We have an odd situation before us this morning, having come to John 8:1-11.  It is an advantage of preaching consecutively through books of the Bible: you come to everything sooner or later.  As your New International Version indicates, the entire paragraph is set apart as unlikely […]

Characteristics of the Unbelieving Mind John 7:14-24

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon John 7:14-24 Text Comment v.14     Apparently the Lord felt that showing up late would prevent the kind of outpouring of popular enthusiasm that would precipitate his death before its appointed time. We know what happened six months later when he approached Jerusalem at the beginning of the Passover feast. […]