Yearly Archives: 2001

The Equality and Diversity of the Genders

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon We have been speaking these past Lord’s Day evenings about the Bible’s characteristically dialectical presentation of its teaching.  By dialectical we mean that it juxtaposes and counter-poses truths but does not harmonize them or mediate between them or their competing interests.  We have divine sovereignty counterposed to human freedom […]

The Gospel John 21:24-25

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon John 21:24-25 Text Comment v.24     This statement identifies the beloved disciple as the author of the Gospel.  But who are the “we” in the second half of the verse.  Many commentators think this is an addition by other hands, an added witness to the truthfulness of what has been […]

The Universal and Special Priesthood

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon Text:  Jeremiah 2:4-9 We have been studying, these past Sunday evenings, the characteristically dialectical presentation of truth as a principle of the Bible’s pedagogy, a most important principle that Christians must reckon with in their reading of the Bible and preachers in their preaching if the Bible is to […]

The Resurrection Picnic John 21:1-14

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon John 21:1-14 Text Comment v.1       The NIV’s “appeared again” is literally “he revealed himself again.”  Jesus did not spend the entire 40 days between his resurrection and his ascension in the presence of his disciples.  He was with them from time to time only and when he came, it […]

God’s Promises Under a Silent Heaven

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon We are, once again, paying attention to the Bible’s characteristic manner of stating its doctrine — by presenting the polarities of truth in counter-position to one another, but rarely showing any interest in reconciliation or synthesis.  The truth, as Charles Simeon put it, lies not in one extreme and […]

The Crucifixion John 19:16-37

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon John 19:16-37 Text Comment As you know, each of the Gospel writers contributes something to the account of the crucifixion that is not found in the other reports.  Tatian, in the second century was the first to publish the four gospels together in a single work and he called […]

Jesus before Pilate John 18:26-19:16

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon John 18:26-19:16 Text Comment John reports more of the details of the Lord’s trial before Pontius Pilate than the other three Gospel writers combined.  On the other hand, he does not give a full account of the Lord’s trial before the Jews, he simply assumes that they condemned him. […]

Peter’s Betrayal John 18:12-27

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon John 18:12-27 Text Comment v.13     The primary instigators are the religious officials as is proved by the fact that they took Jesus to Annas.  The soldiers, their job done, no doubt returned to their barracks.  Annas had been the high priest from AD 6-15 before being deposed by Pontius […]

Treachery and Malice John 18:1-12

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon John 18:1-12 Text Comment v.2       Was Gethsemane owned by some wealthy man who was a supporter of Jesus and had made it available to the Lord as a place to meet with his disciples?  In any case, Jesus does not attempt to evade capture by altering his habits.  As […]

Christian Unity John 17:20-26

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon John 17:20-26 Text Comment v.20     Remember the Lord’s statement in 10:16?  “I have other sheep that are not of this sheep pen.  I must bring them also.  They too will listen to my voice, and there shall be one flock and one shepherd.”  Now he prays for us, those […]

Our Lord at Prayer John 17:1-5

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon John 17:1-5 Text Comment What we have in the chapter we begin to read this morning is the Lord’s prayer.  What we commonly call the Lord’s prayer is a prayer that the Lord Jesus taught his disciples to pray.  That prayer, which we prayed this morning, would really better […]

Joy after Sorrow John 16:17-33

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon John 16:17-33 Text Comment v.17     The question of interpretation posed by these verses is whether in saying “and then in a little while you will see me” the Lord is speaking of his appearances to his disciples after his resurrection, a matter of just a few days after that […]

The Lord’s Point Man John 16:5-16

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon John 16:5-16 Text Comment v.5       We now begin the fourth of the five Holy Spirit passages in the Upper Room Discourse. v.7       The thought is what biblical scholars call “eschatological.”  That is, there is a next step to be taken in the history of salvation and the progress of […]

The Way to the Father John 14:5-14

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon John 14:5-14 Text Comment v.5       As so often, the disciples interpreted the Lord’s remark in a crassly literal way and then misunderstood it, as if the Lord meant he was going to, say, Antioch or Rome. v.6       The Lord answered Thomas’ question by saying that he is the way.  […]