Monthly Archives: February 2001

The Father’s House John 14.1-4

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon Text Comment   v.1       Though we have already read that the Lord’s heart was troubled in prospect of his suffering to come, he forgets himself and seeks to comfort his disciples who were troubled by the announcement just made concerning his imminent departure.  These men had become followers of […]

Lord’s Supper No.5: Wine No.4

Audio:   Download Audio Revising the Practice of the Lord’s Supper at Faith Presbyterian Church No. 5: Wine, No. 4 Review These past several Lord’s Day evenings we have been considering the arguments against the drinking of wine by Christians that led in the middle 19th century to the widespread practice in American evangelical Christianity of […]

The Christian Coat of Arms: A Basis on a Field of Towels John 13:1-17

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon Text Comment v.1       That is, the footwashing took place Thursday evening, but before dinner.  “Time” is, as we have frequently had cause to note, the NIV’s translation of “hour.”  Time and again we read that the Lord’s “hour” had not yet come, but now it has come.  In John […]