Monthly Archives: November 2004

Judges 16:1-31

Audio:   Download Audio Download Text STUDIES IN JUDGES No. 18 Judges 16:1-31 November 28, 2004 Review We have considered the account of Samson’s birth and his divine call in chapter 13, taking note of the emphasis that falls there on the divine initiative. It is the Lord who acts to deliver his people. None […]

The Feeding of the 5,000

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 14:13-21 Text Comment v.13     “What had happened” refers, of course, to the death of John the Baptist.  [Hagner, ii, 417]  We can well imagine what a personal blow this must have been to the Lord.  The one man whose life was most connected to his own; the one man who […]

Judges 14:1-15:20

Audio:   Download Audio Download Text STUDIES IN JUDGES No. 17 Judges 14:1-15:20 November 21, 2004 Review We have begun our consideration of the last and longest narrative of the career of a judge, that of Samson. We considered the account of his birth and calling in chapter 13 two Lord’s Day evenings back. We […]

The Path to Victory

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 14:1-12 Text Comment v.2       We have said that Matthew is treating us to a succession of responses made to Jesus by various people or groups.  Now we have the response of Herod Antipas, though his response to Jesus is somewhat indirect, being couched in comments that Herod made about John […]

Judges 13:1-25

Audio:   Download Audio Download Text STUDIES IN JUDGES No. 16 Judges 13:1-25 November 7, 2004 We have come to the last narrative of a judge. The chapters that conclude the book, 17-21, are a kind of epilogue. They don’t concern the career of any judge but narrate a civil war in Israel, a civil […]

A Prophet Without Honor

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 13:53-58 The chapter divisions, you remember, are not original to the Bible, being added a thousand years after the New Testament was completed.  We now realize that Matthew has organized his material in alternating sections of narrative and teaching.  The third of the teaching sections in the Gospel ended at […]