The Glory of Jesus Christ, Colossians 1:15-20

The Torn Curtain

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 27:31-56 Text Comment v.32     What Simon carried, Jesus being now too weak to manage, was the cross beam, not the upright, which remained in the […]

Jesus Condemned to Die

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 27:11-31 Before I read our text this morning, a word on last week’s sermon.  I said, last week, as you may remember, that Judas’ conscience […]

Studies in Exodus 24:12-25:40

As you may remember, it can be argued that the book of Exodus properly ends at 24:11.  There are three more chapters of historical narrative in 32-34, but almost all the remainder of the book consists of liturgical regulations such as continu…

The Dismal Conscience

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 27:1-10 Text Comment Chapter 26 ended, as you remember, with Peter weeping bitterly over his three-fold betrayal of the Lord in the courtyard of the […]

Studies in Exodus 24:1-11

The “Book of the Covenant” is now complete.  It is, of course, not the entire covenant.  There is a great deal more to be revealed.  But these chapters – 20-23 – with the opening summary (the “Ten Words…

Pious Villainy

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 26:47-68 Text Comment v.47     Judas is identified as “one of the Twelve” to remind us of the shocking nature of his betrayal and of the […]

Studies in Exodus 23:20-33

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We have reached the end of this section of laws or covenantal stipulations, what is often referred to as the “Book of the Covenant.”  Our paragraph tonight is the conclusion to the Book of the Covenant.  It …


Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 26:36-46 Text Comment v.36     “Gethsemane” means “oil press.”  John tells us it was a garden, so perhaps we are to think of an enclosed olive […]

Studies in Exodus 23:10-19

We are still reading the stipulations of the covenant that God made with Israel at Sinai.  We have considered a body of personal injury laws, a body of laws concerning the loss of property, and an assorted body of laws that concern especiall…

Peter as Every Christian

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 26:31-35, 69-75 Text Comment Peter showed some bravery in the Garden, as we will read in the account of the Lord’s arrest, and loyalty and […]

Studies in Exodus 22:16-23:9

Remember now, we are in the midst of the covenantal stipulations – most in the form of case laws (that is, rules to follow in various situations) – that followed the Ten Commandments or Ten Words, which served as a summary or epitome o…

Studies in Exodus 21:33-22:15

We are in the midst of examining the body of covenantal stipulations that follow the Ten Commandments, which we said serve as a summary or epitome of the covenant.  The stipulations are mostly in the form of case laws and we considered the bo…

The Lord’s Supper

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 26:17-30 Text Comment I made some comments on the first part of our text last Lord’s Day morning in dealing with Judas and his betrayal.  […]

Studies in Exodus 21:12-32

After considering the “Ten Words,” which we have said are a summary or epitome of the covenant that God made with Israel at Sinai, we have descended into the specific stipulations of the covenant.  These are not given in…


Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 26:14-25 Text Comment Verse 14 picks up the thread of the interrupted narrative, broken off at verse 5 in order for Matthew to insert the […]

The Revealer of Mysteries, Part II

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The Revealer of Mysteries

Turn with me please to Daniel 2. Nebuchadnezzar’s reign lasted from 605-562 B.C., a 43 year reign.  This takes place in his second year, 604 B.C.  Daniel and his friends surpassed all others in training to serve in Nebuchadnezzar’s court. C…

The Demonstration of Faith Genesis 23:1-20

On these occasions, one expects a sermon devoted either to the gospel itself or our urgent need to consecrate ourselves to the gospel and its proclamation.  Worthiest of subjects indeed! I considered both in thinking about my text and subject…

Studies in Exodus 20:22-21:11

Remember, we are in the midst of the covenant making ceremony that began in chapter 19.  The Lord has spoken the Ten Commandments to Israel from the mountain.  We said last time that they amount to a summary or an epitome of the entire c…

Devotion to Christ

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 26:1-13 Text Comment v.1       If you remember, “When Jesus had finished saying all these things…” is Matthew’s structural marker.  Each of the five discourse sections […]

Studies in Exodus 20:1-21

We come this evening to the ten commandments.  Some years ago now, I preached a series of sermons on the ten commandments and this past week wondered briefly if I should pause and, once again, take each of the commandments in turn.  But I…

The Last Judgment

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 25:31-46 As you remember, the theme of the last judgment has run through the previous material.  We have already read of the separation between the […]

Studies in Exodus 19:1-25

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Here in chapter 19 is the beginning of the covenant ceremony that will take us to the end of Exodus chapter 24.  We would do well to remember that this event was not only the great event of the book of Exodus – the point…

The Parable of the Talents

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 25:14-30 Remember, we are in the midst of the Lord’s long discourse concerning the future and, in particular, his Second Coming.  Again and again and […]

Studies in Exodus 18:1-27

The following episode is reported again by Moses in Deut. 1:9-18, a much shorter account that omits mention of the role played by Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro.
v.1       Jethro is the name of Moses’ fat…

The Parable of the Ten Virgins

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 25:1-13 Text Comment The first thing to say about the parable of the wise and foolish virgins is that it is plainly a continuation of […]

Forgetting the Second Coming

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 24:36-51 The Lord is in the midst of a discourse about the future, about the circumstances that his disciples will face until he returns to […]

Studies in Exodus 17:8-16

The second section of Exodus, which began in 15:22, is a symphony with an often repeated theme, viz. God’s faithful provision for his people, a provision to be obtained through the exercise of faith in the Lord.  The Lord pro…

The Olivette Discourse

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 24:1-35 Text Comment Remember, the Lord has just spoken of impending judgment upon Jerusalem and Israel.  In these past days he has spoken darkly more […]

The Judgments of the Lord

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 23:1-39 Text Comment v.1       It is important in reading this chapter to notice the audience at the outset. The Lord is talking […]

Studies in Exodus 17:1-7

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v.1       Once again Moses is charting the route that Israel took by giving specific geographical locations, locations no doubt well known to his contemporaries.  Unfortunately, they are not kno…

The Deity of Jesus Christ

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 22:34-46 Text Comment Remember, we are reading a succession of episodes in which the Lord’s enemies attempt to catch him in some faux pas.  In […]

Studies in Exodus 16:1-6

Israel has begun her passage through the wilderness. It is a large company of people and animals and an obvious question that would have occurred to everyone was where in the desert was food to be found for so many.
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v.1 &…

No Marriage in Heaven

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 22:23-33 It has been a month since we were last in Matthew 22 so just a word to remind us where we are.  It is […]

Studies in Exodus 15:22-27

The chapter division between Exodus 15 and 16 is one of those, of which there are many in our Bibles, that are inept.  Remember, the chapter divisions were added a thousand years after Christ and are not part of the original text of Holy Scri…

A Portrait of Daniel, Part II

God is the supreme hero of this book from Genesis to Revelation.  God is the hero of every narrative in this book no matter how little He is mentioned.  This book is first and foremost about the power and supremacy and goodness and mercy an…

A Portrait of Daniel

Please turn with me to Daniel chapter 1.
This past Father’s Day Lisa and the girls gave me a copy of “The Scots Worthies” by John Howie.  Howie, born in 1735 and died in 1793, lived all his days in relative obscurity in Ayrshire, the southwes…

The Christian and the State

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 22:15-22 Text Comment v.16     The Pharisees detested the Herodian dynasty but this was a case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”   The […]

Studies in Exodus 15:1-21

In some important ways the book of Exodus is like the book of Acts.  In each book the church makes a new beginning, enters into a new chapter of her life, and in each book the author gives us an account of what we might call “representa…

The Wedding Banquet

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 22:1-14 Text Comment Remember, this parable we are about to read is the last in a series of three, all aimed at the religious establishment.  […]

Studies in Exodus 13:17-14:31

After a lengthy excursus on the regulations for the annual commemoration of the Passover we return now to the history of the exodus itself, picking up the account from 12:42.
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13:18   The most natural and direct way to…

The Parable of the Tenants

Matthew 21:33-46 Text Comment v.33     No Jew would fail to recognize in this story a picture of the relationship between the Lord and Israel.  In Isaiah 5:1-2, for example, God […]

Studies in Exodus 13:1-16

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v.2       That is, those who had been personally rescued from death by the blood of the Passover were to be consecrated to God.  It is interesting that this suggests that the firstborn killed in…

Christian Living: The Bad Doing Good

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 21:23-32 Text Comment v.23     The chief priests and elders made up the Sanhedrin the ruling council of the Jews.  So this was an official deputation […]

Studies in Exodus 12:1-49

We considered the burden of this text last time: both the Passover history itself and the commemoration of that history in an annual feast.  But there is an issue hidden here in this text that has recently surfaced in Reformed and Presbyteria…

The Temple and the Fig Tree

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 21:12-22 Text Comment v.12     We need to remember the context fully to appreciate this event.  Jesus had just entered the city virtually as a king.  […]

Studies in Exodus 11:1-12:51

We have before us this evening one of the pivotal texts in all of Holy Scripture.  It is so for at least two reasons.  First the Passover, as an historical event – the deliverance of Israel from the divine wrath that was that nigh…

The Triumphal Entry

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 21:1-11 Text Comment Matthew has not related Jesus’ previous visits to Jerusalem.  John, for example, records visits to Jerusalem made at the beginning and in […]

Studies in Exodus 7:14-10:29

We left the narrative, several Lord’s Day evenings back with Moses and Aaron having had their second interview with Pharaoh.  They performed a miracle – turning Aaron’s staff into a snake – but the Egyptian magicians di…