Monthly Archives: February 2005

Taxes for Love’s Sake

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 17:24-27 Text Comment v.24     We know a good bit about this two drachma tax, as you will see. v.25     As so often in the Gospels, it is Peter who represents the band of disciples.  And as on so many other occasions, the Lord turns the remark of someone else into […]

A Puzzling Saying

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 17:14-23 Text Comment When Moses came down from Mt. Sinai where God had given him the law, he was confronted with the scene of Israel worshipping a golden calf. When Jesus came down from the mountain on which he had been transfigured he also encountered a scene of unbelief and […]

The Transfiguration

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 17:1-13 Text Comment v.1       The exact chronological reference is unusual and important.  All three Gospels closely connect the transfiguration with Peter’s confession of Jesus as the Christ and the Lord’s revelation of his own impending suffering and death together with the suffering that his disciples will be required to undergo […]