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Being Good

I intend to preach three sermons on the text we will read this morning: the first concerning the ethics taught here; the second the compact account of salvation Paul gives in vv. 4-7, really an epitome of Paul’s entire theology [Guthrie, 207]; and th…

Psalm 77

We come now to our fifth and final lesson in an Old Testament Survey course on the Psalms. Our introductory lesson laid out general material pertaining to the Psalter’s authorship and date, poetry, structure, theology and b…

Psalm 138

We have come to our fourth of five lessons in an Old Testament Survey course on the Psalms. After an introductory lesson, we considered with some depth Psalms 1 and 2, the two gateway psalms. Two primary emphases emerge so far:

Psalm 2

In late February and early March, Iowa residents become pilgrims to an annual festival in Des Moines—the high school boys basketball tournament. In a district game, Van Meter High School has competed against Des Moines Ch…