Studies in Ezekiel No. 18, Ezekiel 20:45-21:32

Remember, the chapter break in the Hebrew Bible is between 20:44 and 20:45. So, while not in the English Bible we are reading a chapter tonight.
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It is not certain that, at least at first, Ezekiel him…

Our Savior’s Hero, Mark 6:14-29

There are only two passages in the Gospel of Mark that are not about Jesus. They are both about John the Baptist and this is the second of them, the first being at the very beginning of the book. This is the account of his martyrdom. As John was the …


Let me begin by reviewing the ground we have covered in this class. It was a class, we said about sex, in the sense of sexual desire and practice, with its attendant sins, tribulations, satisfactions, and fulfillments.

We began with a justifica…