Some Hifalutin Christmas Theology John 1:1-18

The word hifalutin , spelled h…i…f… is apparently short for highfalutin , spelled high… . No one knows for sure its origin. Falutin , it is thought, may come from “fluting,” that is, the playing of a flute, in this case playing high notes on th…

Jesus and the Demons

We begin today a section of the Gospel that gives us a picture of the Lord’s ministry. It will be made clear that the events that are recorded are hardly the whole of what might be told, but representative of a much larger body of work, whet…


Why is the church as weak as she is? Why can you and I not be more proud of her? Why is the church so often a poor recommendation of the Christian faith? Our Lord said that his disciples would be known for their love for one another and so we ar…

Jesus’ First Sermon

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v.16     Jesus was a church-going man and had been all his life. It may interest you to know that this is the earliest description of a Jewish synagogue service that we have.
v.17     It d…

Hard Work

In our sermons on the themes of Proverbs, we have so far considered the sexual life, marriage, money, and speech, certainly key dimensions of any human life as you will immediately recognize. Manage these wisely and well and much happiness and go…

The Temptation

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v.2       One of the most interesting features of the account of the Lord’s temptation as we have it reported in Matthew, Mark, and Luke is that the information could have come only from Jesus hi…

Annual Christmas Brunch

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Speaking and Listening

If we are to live wisely, if we are to be skillful in the way in which we make our way through this world, if we are to embody in flesh and blood the image of a godly and happy life as that life is described to us in the Word of God, making someth…

The Holy Trinity Near the Jordan River

In Luke chapter 4 we have so far read the account of the ministry of John the Baptist and its remarkable effect. Now we can continue with what remains of Luke’s account of John’s ministry and then the genealogy of the Lord.
Text Co…


As I thought about what subject to cover next in our series of sermons on Proverbs, it occurred to me that having considered its teaching on sex, it would make a natural next step to move on to its teaching about money. Sex and money go together i…

The Gospel of Repentence

All the Gospels make clear that the ministry of Jesus was preceded by and prepared for by the ministry of John, who is known in Christian history as John the Baptist. They all indicate that the nature of John’s ministry was the proclamation …


We are taking the teaching of the book of Proverbs not by chapter but by subject. As we said, while there may be in certain cases some principle of organization that explains why one proverb dealing with one subject should sit next to another dea…

The Messiah as a Boy

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v.39     Luke makes no mention of the holy family’s flight to Egypt to escape the murderous intentions of Herod. We read of that in Matthew 2. If we ask why he omitted that episode in the Lord’s ear…

Victor Felix Pol Funeral Service

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The Shadow Falls

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There is a question in the commentaries as to whether or not the 21st verse concludes the previous paragraph or opens the next. We read it last week and we’ll read it again this morning.
v.21     As we …


We have considered the last two Lord’s Day evenings the teaching of Proverbs concerning the romantic and sexual life. We have mentioned throughout our consideration of that teaching that the sexual life in Proverbs, as in the rest of the Bib…

Welcoming the King

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v.7       You’ll notice that Luke gives us absolutely not a hint of the time of year, much less the date of the Lord’s birth. Despite the best efforts of scholars ancient and modern, no on…

The Romantic Sexual Life, No. 2

Last Lord’s Day evening we began our study of the romantic and sexual life, dimensions of life that must be mastered by true wisdom (that is, must be made part of that skillful living that Proverbs is teaching) by pointing out 1) the importa…

The Mighty King Steals Into the World

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v.4       “Bethlehem”: Luke never actually says in this passage that any OT prophecy is here being fulfilled. But, just as Malachi 3 and 4 lay behind Gabriel’s message to Zechariah and Isa…

The Romantic Sexual Life, No. 1

We have so far introduced the book of Proverbs over two Lord’s Day evenings and then next considered a fundamental perspective of the book last Lord’s Day, viz. the heart as the source of our life and behavior, and, therefore, the nece…

The Good News

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v.58     That the Lord has shown mercy to his people is a great theme of this second half of chapter one. The word “mercy” occurs five times, twice in each of the songs and here in between them.

The Place of the Heart in Godly Living

Our first two sermons on Proverbs were devoted to the book as a whole, to the nature of that biblical wisdom that Proverbs teaches, to the various kinds of proverbs, and so on.
As I said last time, we are going to take the teaching of Prover…

The Magnificat

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What you will notice as we read the following hymn is that it is composed of language familiar to us from the Old Testament. Remember, for Mary, what we call the Old Testament (remember, that is not a biblical term for the first 3…

If Only…Our Search for Contentment, No. 4

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If Only…Our Search for Contentment, No. 3

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If Only…Our Search for Contentment, No. 2

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If Only…Our Search for Contentment, No. 1

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If Only…Our Search for Contentment, Gwen Westerlund Bio

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A Story of 5 Kings, an Old Vine, a New Vine and the True Vine (Rev. Dr. O. Palmer Robertson)

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Two Women Talking Theology

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v.39     It is hardly surprising in one way that Mary, having received the remarkable revelation of her miraculous pregnancy from Gabriel himself, went immediately to visit Elizabeth, whose pregnancy Gabriel ha…

Foundations, Pt. 1: Holy Scripture

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Introduction to the Book of Proverbs, Part 2

Last time, three Lord’s Day evenings ago, we began our introduction to the Book of Proverbs by pointing out several things.

Proverbs belongs to the Wisdom Literature of the Bible, a part of biblical revelation dealing with …

The Virgin Birth

& So far the narrative has concerned itself with the extraordinary announcement of the birth to an aged couple long past child-bearing years of the one who would be the forerunner of the Messiah. Now our attention is turned away from Zechariah and…

Mrs. Bitter, the Mother of Kings

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Faith and the Gospel

Last we read the narrative of Luke 1 Zechariah was in the Holy Place of the temple listening to an angel from God announce the coming of one who would be the forerunner of the Messiah himself. He was to be a child of Zechariah and Elizabeth, old p…

Counteract Discontentment with Celebration

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Una, Sancta, Catholica & Apostolica

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A Well-Watered Garden in a Sun-Scorched Land (Rev. Chris Granberry)

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Introduction to the Book of Proverbs

This evening we are reading the first seven verses as an introduction to the book. The Proverbs of Solomon, Son of David, King of Israel. The interesting thing about that introduction is that the proverbs of Solomon make up only part of the book. …

A Life of Waiting

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v.5       These things happened, as we learn later, near the end of Herod’s reign. There were many priests but only one temple, so the priests served on a roster. They were divided into 24 divisi…

Studies in the Book of Kings 2 Kings 23:31-25:30

After a pause of a month of Sundays, we return to our evening series in Kings, indeed, tonight we conclude that series, a series that began in April of last year, with the last two chapters of the book. This is our 48th sermon in this series. The …

The Gospel of Luke

This morning we begin a new series of sermons on the Gospel of Luke. Luke is the only one of the four Gospels that I have not preached through twice in the course of my ministry here. I preached through it the first time some twenty years ago and …

Lesson 2

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The Truthfulness of Jesus Contrasted (Rev. Luke Morton)

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The Body

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Lesson 1

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The Mosaic Covenant (Rev. Jason Davison)

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The Paragraph of All Paragraphs

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Knowing Joy (Rev. Ryan Hughs)

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Paul’s Prescription for Personal Peace

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