Zechariah 10:1-12

Download audio Zechariah 10:1-12 We are in the midst of prophecies of Israel’s restoration and future glory. By and large that is the theme of the second half of the […]

Biblical Theory of Just War Pt. 9

January 5thJust War Sunday School – Concluding Sessionplease feel free to continue the discussion anytime: faithandphilosophy@hotmail.com Thank you Iraqi Children’s Fund website http://sicfiraq.org/ Hauerwas (hat tip Feucht)+Tom KarlinJesus said, “Blessed […]

What We Always Forget! Joshua 3:1-17

After the account of the spies in Jericho and Rahab’s confession of Yahweh as the living God, we return in chapter 3 to the narrative of Israel’s crossing of the Jordan River, for which preparations were being made in chapter 1. &ldquo…