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The Creation Gen 1:1-2:3

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 1:1-2:3 We have before us this morning, as we said last time, one of the most important passages in the Bible, fundamental to the Christian’s entire worldview or philosophy of life. If God himself, the living God of Scripture, made the world by the word of his power, immensely important […]

John 3:16 No. 3

John 3:16 In our short series of sermons on this famous verse we have so far said that it belongs to a large class of texts that cast the saving intention of the Father and Son in universalist terms. “God so loved the world…” Here we don’t read that Christ loved the church and gave […]

John 3:16, No. 2

John 3:16 Last time we read John 3:1-21 to put v.16 in its context, this most famous and beloved of all verses in the Bible. We then took note of its universalism, one of many statements in the Bible that describes the breadth of God’s love and the gospel as an invitation to any and […]

Serve the Lord Joshua 24:14-28

Joshua 24:14-28 Download audio We said last time that what we have in Joshua 24 is the account of a ceremony of covenant renewal. The chapter bears the marks of the literary form of the ancient near eastern treaties after which God’s covenant with Israel was described, especially in Exodus and Deuteronomy. In vv. 1-13 […]

The Ways of God Joshua 24:1-13

Joshua 24:1-13 Download audio Chapter 24 contains the second and last of Joshua’s farewell addresses to Israel, the first of which, found in chapter 23, we considered last Lord’s Day morning. This chapter concludes the fourth and final section of Joshua, the key word of which section we said is the Hebrew verb “to serve.” […]

The Language of Love No. 1

Genesis 2:23-24 To refresh our memories after being away from our subject for two weeks, we took seven Lord’s Day evenings to consider the Bible’s theology of marriage; to answer the question: what is marriage? More recently we have begun to consider the Bible’s ethics of marriage; what it teaches about the responsibilities of husbands […]

The Typical Problems of Husbands & Wives

Genesis 3:1-19 We have discussed at length the Bible’s theology of marriage and began, Last Lord’s Day evening, to consider its ethics of marriage. How are husbands and wives to live in the married state? We began with Ephesians 5 and Paul’s famous assertion of a distinction between husbands and wives and talked about how […]

Marriage as One Man and One Woman

We have been dealing these past Lord’s Day evenings with the Bible’s theology of marriage, or the Bible’s definition of marriage. We have found in the Word of God that marriage is an institution of human life, established at the creation, by which the human race is organized in families; that marriage is a relationship […]