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A Grave for Sarah Gen 23:1-20

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 23:1-20 Genesis 23 effectively completes the narrative of the life of the life of Abraham. On my return from vacation, as I mentioned before, we will begin a series of sermons on the book of Acts. I’m not sure when we will return to complete Genesis. Text Comments v.1       Sarah […]

Faith On Trial

Download audio Matthew 16:13-20 The text we are about to read describes a hugely important moment in the ministry of the Lord Jesus and it is a pivotal text for the entire New Testament. But this morning I’m interested in a single statement the Lord made on this occasion; the rest I will have largely […]

The Judgment of Unbelievers

Download audio I want to draw your attention to a change the editors made in the second edition of Trinity Hymnal because it beautifully illustrates a problem I am going to be discussing this evening from the Word of God. We have a conflicted relationship with hyperbole as modern speakers of the English language. We […]

Christians at the Judgment

Download audio 2 Corinthians 5:9-10 In this short series of sermons on the judgments of the Lord we have so far said that it is a subject needing attention in our time because it is not receiving the attention it deserves, certainly nothing like the attention it receives in Holy Scripture. Then last time we […]

What was God Thinking? Gen 22:1-12

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 22:1-12 What follows in chapter 22 deserves two sermons. After all, the narrative presents us with two radically different life situations: the one that Abraham faced as he prepared to submit to God’s will and obey the bizarre commandment he had been given and the one which resulted from the […]

The Lesson of History

Download audio Isaiah 42:1-4 Three Lord’s Days ago I began this short series on divine judgment. I introduced the series by explaining why I thought it was important for us to study. Our culture is exercising a growing influence on the Christian pulpit, subtle but powerful, and one result of that influence is a disinclination […]

Waiting for God Gen 21:1-7

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 21:1-7 Text Comment v.1       To say that the Lord visited Sarah is to emphasize that it was the Lord’s direct intervention that caused her, an old woman herself,  to conceive a child with Abraham, her elderly husband. [Sarna, 145] The same phrase is found in 1 Sam. 2:21 explaining how […]

Introduction and Reasons

Download audio I am beginning this evening a short series of sermons on the Bible’s teaching about divine judgment, the Lord’s judgment of human life. Before you groan inwardly, feeling that such a subject must be gloomy and depressing, let me remind you that in the Bible, God’s people characteristically longed for and prayed for […]

Dionysius and Damaris Acts 17:16-34

Acts 17:16-34 For some years now I have preached a sermon apropos Pentecost, in part to redress a double weakness of our Reformed tradition. The first is a longstanding tendency that we share with much of Christendom, to think of Pentecost primarily in terms of the experience of the Christian life, that is, to think […]

O Felix Culpa Gen 20:1-18

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 20:1-18 We have finished with Lot – we will hear nothing more of him – and now return to Abraham and Sarah as their life goes on, still waiting for the son God has promised them. Text Comment v.1       “From there” in context means the area of the Oaks […]

The Downgrade Gen 19:30-38

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 19:30-38 While you are turning to Genesis 19:30 I want to tell you that we are going to continue our series of sermons in Genesis through the material concerning Abraham, himself. Then we will stop and go to the Book of Acts. Then, Lord willing, we will get back to […]

Barely Saved Gen 19:1-29

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 19:1-29 The two angels who had received Abraham’s hospitality had left for Sodom before Abraham had interrogated the Lord about Sodom’s fate, the conversation we considered last Lord’s Day. We now pick up the interrupted thread of that narrative from verse 16 of chapter 18. Text Comment v.1       It was […]

A Year of Holidays Leviticus 23:1-44

Download audio Leviticus 23:1-44 We continue with liturgical regulations in chapter 23, but regulations of a very different kind. Here we are introduced to Israel’s liturgical year, to all the festivals or religious holidays celebrated in biblical times. If the previous two chapters concentrated on the Lord’s holy things, this chapter devotes attention to the […]

In or Out Gen 16:1-16

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 16:1-16 We are in the middle of the narrative of the life of Abram, or Abraham, as he will soon be called. Twice now the Lord has promised this man a son, an heir, from whom a great nation would eventually arise, a nation that would inherit the land of […]

God Is Our Reward Gen 15:1-21

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 15:1-21 We have made the point in many ways in our examination of the first fourteen chapters of Genesis; the first book of the Bible, that these narratives are setting the table for all that is to come. The great trajectory of biblical history originates here in the account of […]

The Choices We Make Gen 13:1-18

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 13:1-18 We considered last time Abram’s failure of faith and of nerve, alas all too common failures in every believer’s life. The following chapter in a way continues that theme and shows us two believing men responding to temptation in radically different ways. In chapter 12 the failure of faith […]