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Believing the Incarnation, Romans 1:1-6

Download audio Download sermon Romans 1:1-6 It is time to turn away from Genesis 24 to subjects appropriate to the Advent season. The text I have chosen for this morning’s sermon is useful in particular for the artless way in which it speaks of the stupendous, world-shattering, human life-transforming thing that happened that first Christmas. […]

Things to Come Daniel 2:31-49

Download audio Download sermon Daniel 2:31-49                                                                           Last time we read that Nebuchadnezzar had a disturbing dream and, desperate to know what it meant, had demanded that his advisors describe the dream and then provide an interpretation. Obviously he thought that a reliable interpretation could only be guaranteed if the omen-readers could tell him the content […]

Paul’s Reformation Acts 26:1-32

Download audio Download sermon Acts 26:1-32 Last week we considered the circumstances that provided an opportunity for Paul to make still one more defense of his life and conduct, this time before the governor, Festus, and one of Rome’s client kings, Herod Agrippa II, and his sister, Bernice. Now we hear the defense itself. Text […]


Download audio Hymn “None Other Lamb” Notes Remarks Life is sung in different volumes. The mother’s lullaby is softer than the University Fight Song, the ballad than the National Anthem. And so it is with psalms and hymns. This obvious fact has been somewhat obscured in our day by the distorting effect of amplifiers, because […]

Making the Case Acts 24:1-27

Download audio Download sermon Acts 24:1-27 Paul has been taken from Jerusalem to Caesarea for his own safety and for the adjudication of charges made against him by the Jewish leadership in Jerusalem. Text Comment v.2       Isn’t it amazing how similar that world was to ours today? The Jews came to present their charges, but […]

Concursus Acts 23:11-35

Download audio Download sermon Acts 23:11-35 Paul has been placed under guard by the Roman authorities in Jerusalem. Remember, Jerusalem was not the capital of the Roman province of Judea. That was Caesarea, a new and beautiful city built by King Herod the Great on the Mediterranean Coast, where Paul was soon to be taken. […]

Interview with Greg Wilber

Download audio Pastor Rayburn interviews Gregory Wilbur who is Chief Musician of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Franklin, Tennessee, and the Dean of New College Franklin as well as a senior teaching fellow. For over a decade he has taught the arts (music, drama, art history, and aesthetics) as well as literature and rhetoric. As a composer, he has […]


Download audio “Hail, Gladdening Light” “Man of Sorrows” Notes Remarks We have encouraged you to sing four-part harmony and to learn how to do so if you are not yet able to sing the alto, tenor, or bass line. We said last time that there are good reasons for a Christian congregation to sing in […]


  Download audio Hymn “Man of Sorrows” Notes Remarks After a false start some months ago, we are beginning our lessons in congregational singing, this time with a more complete plan in place. We hope to continue most, if not every Lord’s Day evenings in which we do not observe the Lord’s Supper. The point […]

The Mystery of God’s Ways

Download audio Download text We have recently considered, as another source of Christian doubt, that is, another reason why the faith of even devout believers is sometimes shaken, either the suffering that Christians themselves must endure – sometimes almost unbearable suffering, sometimes literally unbearable in the case of suicides – or the suffering they observe […]

Fathers and Mothers in the Faith – 2 Corinthians 6:1-13

Download audio Download text “Fathers and Mothers in the Faith” 2 Corinthians 6:1-13 – September 4, 2016 Pastor Nicoletti Faith Presbyterian Church – Evening Service I’ll be continuing my occasional series on 2 Corinthians this evening. To refresh our memory a little bit, Paul has been dealing with several themes in this letter. One of […]