Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Stairway to and from Heaven Genesis 28:1-22

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 28:1-22 The opening verses of chapter 28 finish the story told in the final paragraph of our chapter 27. Our real interest this morning is vv. 10-22. Text Comment v.2       Isaac simply told Jacob to “go.” He still didn’t know that Jacob was “fleeing” eastward to escape Esau’s vengeance. [Sarna, […]

Christian Sins Genesis 27:1-40

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 27:1-40 In all likelihood the last two verses of chapter 26 belong with our chapter 27, not with the previous chapter. The narrative picks up there with the distinction being made between Isaac’s twin sons. The interlude of peace and prosperity described in chapter 26, Isaac and Rebekah’s years together […]

Apocalyptic Daniel 7:1-28

Download audio Download sermon Daniel 7:1-28   With chapter 7 we enter the second half of the book of Daniel and leave behind the more familiar and popular parts of the book. The final chapters of Daniel record visions of the future that Daniel received at various times. As the stories in the first six […]