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The Prayer Meeting Acts 12:1-14

Download audio Acts 12:1-14 Download sermon Following on Reformed Catholicism, Expository Preaching, the Family as the Incubator of faith in the rising generation, and our particular understanding of how and what the congregation should sing, we come tonight to the Prayer Meeting. Now many of you will appreciate that thirty or forty years ago it […]

How Disappointing! Genesis 35:6-29

Download audio Genesis 35:6-29 Download sermon What makes the last half of our chapter 35 – remember the chapter divisions were introduced into the Bible a thousand years after the Lord Jesus Christ – particularly important is that it is the final paragraph of this section of Genesis, the toledot or family history of Isaac; […]

An Emphasis on the Christian Family, Part 2 Titus 1:1-9

Download audio Titus 1:1-9 Download sermon “The Problem of Unbelieving Covenant Children” Last time we considered as a characteristic of this congregation its emphasis on the Christian family as an incubator of faith in covenant children. We pointed out not only how comprehensively the Bible bears witness to God’s promise to be our God and […]

Still Stumbling Genesis 34:1-31

Download audio Genesis 34:1-31 Download sermon Some time has passed. Jacob’s sons are adult men and the family is living in the Promised Land. Text Comment v.1       That strange way of identifying Dinah “as the daughter Leah bore to Jacob” probably indicates “the emotional dynamics of the situation.” [Wenham] Being Leah’s daughter, she was not […]