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The Jealous God, Exodus 20:1-6

Download Audio Download Text “The Jealous God” Ten Commandments Series, No. 3 Exodus 20:1-6 April 29, 2018 The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Rayburn   Text Comment   v.6       This command not to make or worship idols has been described by one biblical scholar as “perhaps the unlikeliest thing that has ever happened.” [Craigie, Deuteronomy NICOT, […]

Plant Them and Let Them Grow #10 – The Seventh Commandment

Download Discussion (revised 4/26/2018) Mothers’ Encouragement Group April 26, 2018 Plant Them and Let Them Grow #10 The Seventh Commandment   Think of it carefully; Study it prayerfully; Deep in your heart let its oracles dwell. Ponder its mystery; Slight not its history; For none ever loved it too fondly or well.               Let’s be […]

Two Easter Sermons

Download Audio Download Text “Two Easter Sermons” April 1, 2018, Easter Evening The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Rayburn Over the years I have made it a custom to do something on Easter Sunday evening that is less typical of a Lord’s Day evening sermon, though generally I have confined myself to subjects that are at […]

Why Me? Matthew 28:16-20

Download Audio Download Text   “Why Me?” Matthew 28:16-20 April 1, 2018, Easter Morning The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Rayburn These few verses that form the finale of the Gospel of Matthew are what are known to Christians as “The Great Commission.” It is this passage supremely that has provided the Christian church with its […]