“Meditation” for Fauré’s Requiem

“Meditation” for Fauré’s Requiem Palm Sunday April 14, 2019 Faith Presbyterian Church – Evening Service Pr. Nicoletti When I told someone I know outside of our congregation about our program […]

The Requiem of Gabriel Fauré

Pastor Nicoletti’s Meditation on Death for Fauré’s Requiem: Download Audio   Faith Presbyterian Church performance of Fauré’s Requiem: Download Audio   Slide show with audio:

The Wine, The Wedding, and The Way: Jesus’s First Sign, John 2:1-11

“The Wine, the Wedding, and the Way: Jesus’s First Sign” John 2:1-11 April 14, 2019 Faith Presbyterian Church – Morning Service Pr. Nicoletti Our Scripture reading this morning is from […]

A Survey of the New Testament, Pt. 1

Pastor Rayburn begins a new adult Sunday School series surveying the New Testament.