The Fall of Saul, Pt. 1: Sin Regarding God, 1 Samuel 13

Download Audio Download Text   “The Fall of Saul” 1 Samuel 13 May 5, 2019 Faith Presbyterian Church – Evening Service Pr. Nicoletti   Our text this evening is from […]

Religion as Supplement vs. Religion as Transformation, John 3:1-15

“Religion as Supplement vs Religion as Transformation” John 3:1-15 May 5, 2019 Faith Presbyterian Church – Morning Service Pr. Nicoletti   Our Scripture reading this morning is from the Gospel […]

The Rev. Samuel Eli Cornish, Pt. 1

Bob Case begins a three-part series on the life and times of the most significant black Presbyterian minister in America before the Civil War, Samuel Eli Cornish. Ordained the same […]