Daily Archives: May 2, 2021

Biblical Justice, Micah 1:1-2:13

Video:  Audio:   Download Audio Download Text “Biblical Justice: Part 1” Micah 1-2 Pt 2 May 2, 2021 Faith Presbyterian Church – Evening Service Pastor Nicoletti We return tonight to the first cycle of the Book of Micah, found in Micah chapters one and two. Last week we looked at this same passage, but […]

Loving Jesus and His Sheep, John 21:15-19

Video:  Audio:   Download Audio Download Text “Loving Jesus and His Sheep” John 21:15-19 April 25, 2021 Faith Presbyterian Church – Morning Service Pastor Nicoletti We come this morning to John 21:15-19. We are in the epilogue of John’s gospel. Jesus has died, and he has risen. And after his initial appearances to his […]