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Women’s Ministry Fall Retreat 2018

  Download the 2018 Fall Retreat Guidebook   Dawn Darby, “A Faith Community” (Thursday, 10/11, 7:00pm) Download Audio   Dawn Darby, “Living in Community, Pt. 1” (Friday, 10/12, 9:30am) Download Audio   Dawn Darby, “Living in Community, Pt. 2 (Friday, 10/12, 6:30pm) Download Audio   Dawn Darby, “Challenges to Community” (Saturday, 10/13, 9:15am) Download Audio

Connie Pfefferle, “The Servant Queen and the King She Serves” – Spring Tea & Fashion Show 2017

Download Text “The Servant Queen, and the King she serves: a tribute for Her Majesty’s 90th birthday” written by Mark Greene & Catherine Butcher   WIC Spring Tea & Fashion Show April 22, 2017 Speaker: Connie Pfefferle   Last Summer – despairing circumstances of a heated election; state of our country; state of the church […]